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Analysis: NextCard Bets on Flooz

Online Visa card provider NextCard, Inc. has lent some legitimacy to the often-maligned world of "electronic currency" by entering into a strategic partnership with, a company that provides "gift currency" that can now be used at more than 60 Internet stores.

Alleged AOL Bug Triggers Class Action Lawsuit

Leading Internet service provider (ISP) and e-commerce giant America Online has been slapped with a class action lawsuit on behalf of subscribers who installed the new AOL version 5.0 software and allegedly encountered a bug that prevented them from using other ISPs.

Discover Offers Online ‘Virtual Credit Card’

Discover Financial Services announced today that it is now offering its cardholders the option to have images of their existing Discover cards placed on their computer desktops for online shopping and one-click access to account and purchasing information.

Online Banking Fraud Raises More Security Concerns, a Palo Alto, California-based online bank, recently allowed customers who were setting up new accounts to specify the account number from which funds were being transferred. Unfortunately, did not verify whether the person who was setting up the account had the right to transfer those f...

Internet Voice Comes to Online Customer Service

One of the major messages from the holiday shopping season is that e-tailers must develop better customer service capabilities. Today, eFusion, Inc. -- a start-up company from Beaverton, Oregon -- introduced a new "push-to-talk" service that allows representatives at e-commerce firms to talk to shop...

Online Customer Service Tough To Implement

The message from consumers this holiday season is very clear. They expect e-tailers to beef up their customer service operations.

Will AOL Keep Supporting Open Internet Access?

One of the major questions to arise from the planned merger between America Online and Time Warner is whether the new company will continue to support the position that cable companies be required to provide open access to the Internet.

AOL Time Warner Changes Industry Overnight

Yesterday, when we first heard the announcement about the pending merger between America Online and Time Warner, it was a stunner.

Report: Women Enjoy E-Shopping Less Than Men

While women now comprise 49 percent of online users, they still lag behind men in online shopping, according to the latest American Internet User Survey published by customer relationship management firm Cyber Dialogue.

Best Buy and Good Guys Jump Into E-Commerce

Lost in the shadow of Wal-Mart's decision to move their online operations to Silicon Valley were major e-commerce announcements by two other brick-and-mortar mainstays.

The Feds Are Coming, The Feds Are Coming!

It now appears inevitable that regulation is coming to e-commerce.

E-Shoppers Spent Third of Holiday Budgets Online

According to a new study by InsightExpress, the online arm of market research giant NFO Worldwide, online shoppers may have spent as much as 33 percent of their holiday shopping budgets online.

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