Network Security Roundup for September 8, 2003

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The Register: The Trouble with Anti-virus09-Sep-03 13:41 ET

Story Highlights:“Traditional techniques aimed at stemming the flood of viruses and worms are failing to keep pace with the rise in malicious code. Users have known this for years — at least intuitively. Even vendors admit — at least privately — that there’s an issue. Now, for the first time, there’s research to back up this gut instinct.”

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Security Pipeline: A Hack in Progress08-Sep-03 16:05 ET

Story Highlights:“Ryan Breed is a hacker. He’s honed his skills since his undergraduate days at the University of Rochester, where a cryptography course piqued his interest in network security. Breed, 28, enjoys the analysis of computer systems and ‘decomposing systems and figuring out how they work.'”

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The Register: Is It a Worm, a Virus, or a Trojan?05-Sep-03 07:25 ET

Story Highlights:“Let’s see, anyone remember the name of the worm that began on August 11th? W32.Lovsan.worm, Win32.Poza, Lovsan, W32.Blaster.Worm, WORM_MSBLAST.A, Win32.Blaster, Win32.MSBlast.A, Worm/Lovsan.A, Worm.Win32.Blaster.6176, Worm.Win32.Lovesan, Blaster, W32/Blaster, Win32/MSBlast.A, W32/Blaster-A, W32.Blaster, Win32/Lovsan.A. And that’s just the initial worm. Then we got variants.”

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Fairfax I.T.: Many Companies Still Aren’t Ready for Next Attack08-Sep-03 12:41 ET

Story Highlights:“Worms. Viruses. Power blackouts. All were painful reminders to businesses and other organisations in recent weeks that without access to their data, work grinds to a halt. But surprisingly, many companies are still ill-prepared for the worst.”

Full Story on Fairfax I.T.

CNN: Warrant Seeks N.Y. Times, Google Hacker08-Sep-03 10:38 ET

Story Highlights:“A nationally known computer hacker is being sought on a federal arrest warrant stemming from a sealed complaint in New York, a federal defender in California said Friday.”

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