Network Security Roundup for September 5, 2003

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CNN: Internet E-mail Worm Targets Tony Blair05-Sep-03 10:47 ET

Story Highlights:“A new Internet worm has surfaced that criticizes British Prime Minister Tony Blair and launches an attack attempting to knock a U.K. government Web site off the Internet, anti-virus software provider Sophos Plc said on Thursday.”

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MSNBC: Colleges Toughen Rules on Net Viruses04-Sep-04 15:54 ET

Story Highlights:“Still recovering from a summer of Internet infections, colleges are taking unusually aggressive steps to protect campus computer networks from virus outbreaks. Students returning to classes are finding themselves summarily unplugged if their computers are infected. Oberlin College in Ohio is threatening to fine students $25 for inadvertently spreading a virus.”

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CBS News: Worms, Viruses, Spam, Oh My!04-Sep-03 16:08 ET

Story Highlights:“At times like these I almost wish that I still had that old Royal manual typewriter. It was portable, ran forever without electricity or batteries and it was immune to worms, viruses and hacker attacks. And the only time I had to worry about privacy is if I forgot to tear up all those crumpled sheets of paper I left on the floor.”

Full Story on CBS News

The Register: FBI Reportedly Hunting Adrian Lamo05-Sep-03 07:28 ET

Story Highlights:“FBI agents armed with a federal arrest warrant out of New York were searching for Adrian Lamo Thursday, according to the hacker and his mother.”

Full Story on The Register

Wired: Romanian Virus Arrest Denied04-Sep-03 HH:MM ET

Story Highlights:“Police on Thursday denied reports that a man has been detained in connection with a computer-crippling Internet worm, but confirmed they were investigating a suspect whom they declined to name. A computer security company reported Wednesday that police had detained a suspect for allegedly creating MsBlast.F, a worm that infected computers of a university in northeastern Romania.”

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