Network Security Roundup for September 30, 2003

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Wired News: Spam: This Time It’s Personal29-Sep-03 20:48 ET

Story Highlights:“Spam ruined his domain, bringing on a hail of bounced e-mail and nasty messages. Dissatisfied with his ISP’s response, Andy Markley launched his own investigation and bagged a spammer.”

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CNET: The E-Spy Who Loves You Could Be a Felon30-Sep-03 8:57 ET

Story Highlights:“A company calling itself Lover Spy has begun offering a way for jealous lovers — or anyone else — to spy on the computer activity of their mates by sending an e-greeting, the equivalent of a ‘thinking of you’ card that doubles as a bugging device. Computer security experts said the Lover Spy service and software appeared to violate U.S. law but also said the surveillance program pointed to an increasingly common way for hackers to seize control of computers.”

Full Story on CNET Unpatched Explorer Hole Is Hackers’ ‘Gold Mine’30-Sep-03 7:47 ET

Story Highlights:“A long-ignored security hole in Microsoft Internet Explorer is a gold mine for hackers, providing an easy way for them to plant malicious programs on vulnerable machines through hacker websites and instant messaging applications. The security hole, known as the Object Data vulnerability, is in software code used by Explorer to process HTML pages containing an element called the Object Data tag.”

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The Register: Man Invades .mil Nets, Tells Hacks, Lands in Jail30-Sep-03 7:35 ET

Story Highlights:“A computer security consultant who broke into US military networks to demonstrate their vulnerability to attack by cyber-terrorists or hostile governments was arrested in San Diego yesterday. Prior to his arrest, Brett Edward O’Keefe bragged to reporters that he cracked into military networks to demonstrate how insecure they were.”

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