Network Security Roundup for September 18, 2003

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E-Commerce Times: Web Site Hackerproofing 10118-Sep-03 04:00 ET

Story Highlights:“In recent weeks, high-profile arrests of hackers and malware authors have trained a spotlight on the sometimes-shadowy underworld of computer crime. The Internet may seem like a more dangerous place than ever before, but by taking some basic steps beyond the obvious ones of installing firewalls and intrusion detection systems, Web security administrators can greatly reduce the number of vulnerabilities that allow hackers to illegally enter, deface and destroy Web sites.”

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CNN: Virus Sender Helped FBI Bust Hackers18-Sep-03 09:57 ET

Story Highlights:“Federal prosecutors credited the man responsible for transmitting the Melissa virus — a computer bug that did more than $80 million in damage in 1999 — with helping the FBI bring down several major international hackers.”

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MSNBC: Teen Pleads Not Guilty in Worm Case16-Sep-03 14:09 ET

Story Highlights:“Jeffrey Parson pleaded not guilty Wednesday to charges that he authored an Internet computer worm that infected thousands of computers last month. The Minnesota teenager was arrested with much fanfare Aug. 29 in connection with the MSBlaster series of programs that wreaked havoc on the Internet earlier that month. The arraignment comes as computer experts warn of another worldwide computer flaw which could lead to the same kind of worm outbreak.”

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The Register: Oi! *Nix Admin, Get Patching18-Sep-03 12:42 ET

Story Highlights:“It’s become a busy week for *Nix sysadmins with the release of patches over the last few days to resolve vulnerabilities with popular applications including Sendmail, openSSH and DB2.”

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PCWorld: CERT Warns of SSH Flaw17-Sep-03 12:42 ET

Story Highlights:” The CERT Coordination Center is warning users about a serious security vulnerability in the OpenSSH (Secure Shell) that could enable a remote attacker to run malicious code or launch a denial-of-service attack against machines running the popular suite of secure network connectivity tools.”

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