Network Security Roundup for October 1, 2003

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TechNewsWorld: Symantec: Computer Attacks Use Blended Tactics01-Oct-03 12:59 ET

Story Highlights:“Reinforcing the message that can be easily inferred from recent virus and worm outbreaks, security giant Symantec has reported that attacks on company computers — up 19 percent to an average of 38 attacks per business per week — increasingly are using a potent combination of disclosed security vulnerabilities and complex computer worms to hit systems.”

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SecurityFocus: Brits Pound OpenSSL Bugs30-Sep-03 18:56 ET

Story Highlights:“Research by the UK government into a once-overlooked class of software vulnerability has surfaced three new security holes in the ubiquitous OpenSSL software package, according to advisories released Tuesday. All versions of OpenSSL up to and including 0.9.6j and 0.9.7b, and all versions of SSLeay, are open to the attacks.”

Full Story on SecurityFocus ACLU Steps into DMCA Subpoena Controversy30-Sep-03 8:57 ET

Story Highlights:“The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and a Boston law firm went to court Monday questioning the constitutionality of the controversial power of the DMCA. Representing a Boston college student, the ACLU claims the music labels should not have the authority to strip Internet users of anonymity without allowing them to challenge the order in court.”

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The Register: Forgotten War Dialling Risk Leaves Networks in Peril30-Sep-03 10:00 ET

Story Highlights:“War dialling, the scanning of telephone lines to find insecure modems that provide a back door route into corporate networks, is ignored as a risk by many organisations, security testing outfit NTA Monitor warns. The company is calling on organisations to revise their procedures to guard against the long-established, but still serious, security risk.”

Full Story on The Register Single Tip Smashes Child Porn Ring30-Sep-03 20:48 ET

Story Highlights:“Thanks to a single tip-off to a hotline a year ago, one of the biggest child pornography rings was smashed last week in the German state of Saxony-Anhalt. German police said the raids took place after more than a year of investigation and cooperation with Interpol, the FBI and police forces of other countries. In fact, the operation has seen police forces identify 26,500 suspects in 166 countries around the world who were allegedly trading child porn images over the Internet.”

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