Network Security Roundup for July 9, 2003

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E-Commerce Times: The Defacement Challenge: A Rousing Success?09-Jul-03 07:12 ET

Story Highlights:“The day after the big Web site defacement challenge laid a big egg, the headlines predictably told of a threat that never really materialized. Unfortunately, the real threat was never a defacement challenge. The real threat is complacency.”

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TechWeb: Hacking Goes Public09-Jul-03 12:36 ET

Story Highlights:“The real lesson from last weekend’s widely publicized Defacers Challenge hacker’s contest has less to do with how many sites were (or weren’t) defaced than with how much air-time the event received. Hacking gets publicity.”

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The Register: Dell To Tighten Systems Security09-Jul-03 14:14 ET

Story Highlights:“Dell is to pre-configure Windows 2000 installations on its desktop and notebook products in a bid to provide its customers with more secure systems, the company said today.”

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Fairfax I.T.: Site Dedicated to Hosing Down Virus Hysteria Set to Close08-Jul-03 17:07 ET

Story Highlights:“Vmyths, a site dedicated to eradicating the hysteria over computer viruses, is set to close its doors by July 15. Rob Rosenberger, the founder of the site, is joining the U.S. Air Force on an extended deployment in the Persian Gulf to write classified histories of units of interest.”

Full Story on Fairfax I.T.

Washington Post: Dissertation Could Be Security Threat08-Jul-03 15:42 ET

Story Highlights:“Sean Gorman’s professor called his dissertation ‘tedious and unimportant.’ Gorman didn’t talk about it when he went on dates because ‘it was so boring they’d start staring up at the ceiling.’ But since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, Gorman’s work has become so compelling that companies want to seize it, government officials want to suppress it, and al Qaeda operatives — if they could get their hands on it — would find a terrorist treasure map.”

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