Network Security Roundup for August 20, 2003

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E-Commerce Times: Protecting Stored Data: The SAN Dilemma20-Aug-03 04:00 ET

Story Highlights:“Data security has become a far more complex proposition than it was a few years ago, thanks to the rise of storage area networks, or SANs. These networks allow users to store information anywhere within an enterprise and access it from any point as well. Although such a model boosts storage efficiency, it also raises questions about the security of sensitive data that is accessed over a network.”

Full Story on E-Commerce Times

TechNewsWorld: SoBig.F Worm Reported Spreading19-Aug-03 16:20 ET

Story Highlights:“As predicted last week in TechNewsWorld’s ‘Profile of a SuperWorm,’ the latest variant in the SoBig worm family has been unleashed, with Internet security firms reporting that several copies have been found in the wild.”

Full Story on TechNewsWorld

Wired: Geeks Grapple with Virus Invasion20-Aug-03 02:00 ET

Story Highlights:“Summer vacation, peer pressure, Swiss-cheese programming code and too-quick-to-click Internet users have combined to make the last two weeks a true adventure in computing. The recent deluge of worms and viruses, including Tuesday’s bombardment by the latest variant of the SoBig virus, may be a result of last week’s Blaster worm tweaking adolescent egos, according to security experts. The same experts also slammed Microsoft and end users for the parts each played in the latest dramas.”

Full Story on Wired

The Register: Slammer Worm Crashed Ohio Nuke Plant Net20-Aug-03 11:42 ET

Story Highlights:“The Slammer worm penetrated a private computer network at Ohio’s Davis-Besse nuclear power plant in January and disabled a safety monitoring system for nearly five hours, despite a belief by plant personnel that the network was protected by a firewall.”

Full Story on The Register

Fairfax I.T.: EFA Says Cybercrime Code Will Violate Net Users’ Privacy20-Aug-03 12:51 ET

Story Highlights:“A proposed Cybercrime Code of Practice for ISPs would result in massive invasion of internet users’ privacy, Electronic Frontiers Australia, a group which campaigns for online rights and freedoms, has warned. The draft code was recently issued for public consultation by the Internet Industry Association of Australia.”

Full Story on Fairfax I.T.

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