Network Security Roundup for August 18, 2003

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E-Commerce Times: Think Like a Hacker: The Best Scanning Tools18-Aug-03 07:15 ET

Story Highlights:“In the world of computer security break-ins, the focus has shifted from alleged hacker masterminds to enterprise shortfalls — unpatched software, poorly secured firewalls and weak computer passwords. However, vulnerability assessment tools are educating IT admins about how to close holes in networks before a hacker even finds them, let alone plans an attack.”

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E-Commerce Times: Microsoft Defangs Blaster, Delays Service Pack18-Aug-03 07:20 ET

Story Highlights:“Microsoft foiled a well-publicized denial-of-service attack on its Windows Update site over the weekend by disabling the Web address that the Blaster worm was set to bombard with traffic. However, the company still faces questions about its handling of the flaw that allowed the worm to infect thousands of computers worldwide.”

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Washington Post: Net Worm Heightens Security Concerns14-Aug-03 20:51 ET

Story Highlights:“While computer users and network operators work to recover from the ‘Blaster’ worm that has infected more than 250,000 computers worldwide, security experts are examining whether it has left a potentially more dangerous calling card.”

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ABCNews: Top Six Virus Protection Tips18-Aug-03 10:50 ET

Story Highlights:“Keeping your PC virus-free is easy, if you know what to do. Like a car, your PC requires some regular care, and you should always be careful with how you use it. Without further ado, follow these tips for pain-free computing.”

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The Register: NGSSoftware Unleashes Typhon III18-Aug-03 13:10 ET

Story Highlights:“UK-based security company Next Generation Security Software (NGSSoftware), which is best known for discovering the underlying flaw exploited by the Slammer worm, today released the latest version of its vulnerability scanner, Typhon III.”

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