Daily Cybercrime and Security Report for October 22, 2001

A daily survey of the latest cybercrime news from around the world.

CNN: Utah’s ‘Black Ice’: Cyber-Attack Scenario 21-Oct-01 15:55:26 ET

Story Highlights:“A little-known exercise held last year to help federal, state and local officials in Utah prepare for a possible terrorist attack during the 2002 Winter Olympics may hold some of the most important lessons for infrastructure protection in the aftermath of the September 11 terrorist attacks…”

* * *

“Next month marks the one-year anniversary of the first regional such exercise known as ‘Black Ice’ — no connection to the commercially available computer-security software of the same name…”

Full Story on CNN

MSNBC: Microsoft Piracy Protection Cracked 19-Oct-01 22:36:37 ET

Story Highlights:“A piece of software being distributed anonymously online has successfully cracked part of Microsofts anti-piracy technology, the centerpiece of much of the giants recent forays into the audio and video world…”

* * *

“Microsoft confirmed Friday that the code, written by a programmer using the pseudonym ‘Beale Screamer,’ can strip off the protections that prevent a song from being copied an unlimited amount of times…”

Full Story on MSNBC

Computer User: DMCA Protester Cracks Microsoft Copyright Protection Code 22-Oct-01 03:10:21 ET

Story Highlights:“A programmer claiming to be ‘mad as hell’ about the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) has apparently cracked a recent version of Microsoft Corp.’s digital rights management technology…”

* * *

“In addition, the anonymous cracker has released software that apparently can remove technological locks on some audio files, while issuing a manifesto decrying what is…”

Full Story on Computer User

ZDNET UK: Hacker Exploits Make PC Worms More Deadly 19-Oct-01 12:13:47 T

Story Highlights:“Computer worms are set to become a more deadly combination of virus writing and hacker exploits, according to security experts at Symantec…”

* * *

“Code Red and Nimda marked the demise of socially engineered worms, by combining a blended threat of proven hacker exploits…”

Full Story on ZDNET UK

The Register: Harvesting Passwords From DSL Routers 19-Oct-01 12:47:05 ET

Story Highlights:“Hackers have developed a trick for pilfering DSL account names and passwords right from subscriber’s routers, a technique that provides hackers with untraceable Internet access, and potentially exposes subscriber email to interception…”

* * *

“The method targets Cayman Systems’ popular 3220-H DSL router, a combination modem, router and hub that allows DSL subscribers to share their Internet connections among multiple computers…”

Full Story on The Register

Chicago Tribune: Tech Experts See Need for Heightened Cyber Security 19-Oct-01 17:41:34 ET

Story Highlights:“The local FBI office has beefed up its computer investigations unit in the wake of the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11 and fears by many in business and government about cyber attacks over the Internet…”

* * *

“State officials, meanwhile, are working to improve communications among various agencies…”

Full Story on Chicago Tribune

Computer User: Hackers Put a Price Tag on New Attack Tool 22-Oct-01 03:10:19 ET

Story Highlights:“A new hacking tool is being actively used by attackers hoping to take remote control of unpatched Unix-based systems…”

* * *

“The tool appears to exploit a known bug in a popular authentication technology called Secure Shell (SSH)…”

Full Story on Computer User

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