Daily Cybercrime and Security Report for October 10, 2001

A daily survey of the latest cybercrime news from around the world.

Chicago Tribune: Web Could Be New Front For U.S. Enemies 09-Oct-01 16:10:34 ET

Story Highlights:“When a Web user clicks onto the site of the Muslim Hackers’ Club, the sound of an explosion crackles from the computer speakers while a ball of flame appears on the screen…”

* * *

“Under the headings ‘Hacking’ and ‘Viruses,’ the site contains hundreds of pages of detailed instructions — mostly borrowed from U.S. hackers — on how to break into computer systems and wreak havoc…”

Full Story on Chicago Tribune

The Register: KaZaA the Virus Desktop 09-Oct-01 12:02:39 ET

Story Highlights:“KaZaA the media desktop has been one of the most successful replacements for file sharing after U.S. courts ordered Napster to shut down. KaZaA offers its users a way of sharing music, video, documents, images, and software…”

* * *

“But six percent of all music downloaded from KaZaA is not music at all, but a virus…”

Full Story on The Register

Computer User: AOL Stops One Security Breach, Fails to Stop Another 10-Oct-01 03:23:02 ET

Story Highlights:“America Online has fixed a security hole that for years allowed a cadre of cognoscenti hackers to create bogus AOL accounts and hack away in relative obscurity, but has yet to patch a little-known vulnerability that allows anyone with an AOL account to switch many phone customers’ long-distance providers…”

* * *

“According to information obtained by Newsbytes, the exploit allows the switcher to view the victim’s calling and billing records…”

Full Story on Computer User

The Register: Dubai Hacker Loses Appeal 09-Oct-01 16:59:59 ET

Story Highlights:“The appeal of a 22 year-old Briton against his hacking sentence has backfired. A court in Dubai has not only upheld his conviction, but also found him guilty of a charge that was dismissed at his original trial…”

* * *

“Lee Alan Ashurst, from Oldham near Manchester, was found guilty of opening the private emails destined for staff of ISP Etisalat as well as ‘misusing the services’ of the Arab ISP…”

Full Story on The Register

Computer User: ‘Terror Killers’ Go On Site Defacement Spree 10-Oct-01 03:25:09 ET

Story Highlights:“More than a dozen Web sites, many of them American, were vandalized Tuesday apparently by a group of vigilante hackers calling itself Young Intelligent Hackers Against Terrorism (YIHAT)…”

* * *

“The attackers replaced the home page of 13 sites with a graphic showing the YIHAT logo and a text message, which included this statement: ‘YIHAT’s mission is focused on one topic: Kill the money sources of terror…'”

Full Story on Computer User

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