Daily Cybercrime and Security Report for May 9, 2001

A daily survey of the latest cybercrime news from around the world.

The Register: Whitehat Hacker Made FBI Patsy 09-May-01 05:01:23 ET

Story Highlights:“American federal officials used threats and a false promise of leniency to lure computer security researcher and admitted cyber intruder Max Butler into becoming an undercover FBI informant…”

* * *

“It was only when Butler balked at covertly recording a friend and colleague, and instead sought advice from an attorney, that the government threw the book at him…”

Full Story on The Register

CNN: New ‘Homepage’ Virus Opens Porn Web Sites 09-May-01 10:25:35 ET

Story Highlights:“Unlike some predecessors, a potentially destructive new computer virus doesn’t use sexual intrigue to entice people to open infected e-mail…”

* * *

“Instead, this worm, once unleashed, attempts to open numerous X-rated Web pages…”

Full Story on CNN

The Register: Homepage Net Worm Spreading Like Wildfire 09-May-01 08:01:19 ET

Story Highlights:“A virus that uses the same tricks as the Anna Kournikova worm is spreading like wildfire…”

* * *

“Homepage-mm, an Internet worm written using Microsoft Visual Basic scripting language, and possibly based on the same toolkit as the Anna worm, is assaulting to email servers of European firms this afternoon…”

Full Story on The Register

Ananova: Australian Parliament Hit by Porn Computer Virus 09-May-01 07:43:35 ET

Story Highlights:“A computer virus has hit the Australian parliament’s e-mail system opening a selection of pornographic websites on its victims’ screens…”

* * *

“The virus appears to have affected global internet address lists covering hundreds of staff…”

Full Story on Ananova

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