Daily Cybercrime and Security Report for June 5, 2001

A daily survey of the latest cybercrime news from around the world.

The Register: Security Expert Waves DDoS White Flag 04-Jun-01 16:24:22 ET

Story Highlights:“Security expert Steve Gibson has posted a plea on his Web site grc.com for hackers to leave him alone…”

* * *

“‘I surrender. I surrender right now, completely and unconditionally,’ it begins. Now what kind of talk is that?…”

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ZDNET: Worm Sneaks Ride With June 1st Hoax 04-Jun-01 20:23:23 ET

Story Highlights:“A hoax e-mail warning people that their PCs might contain a virus duped an untold number of people into deleting the sulfnbk.exe file from their hard drives last week…”

* * *

“But now some computer users are receiving another e-mail with ‘sulfnbk.exe’ in the subject line — and this time it may actually contain a harmful virus…”

Full Story on ZDNET

Newsbytes: Vulnerability Discovered In Yahoo Mail, Hotmail 04-Jun-01 16:56:07 ET

Story Highlights:“A college student recently discovered a new vulnerability in Web-based e-mail systems such as Yahoo mail and MSN’s Hotmail…”

* * *

“The vulnerability, known as an ‘error handling exploitation’ or a ‘cross-site-scripting hole,’ might allow malicious individuals to take over someone’s e-mail account by stealing the victim’s…”

Full Story on Newsbytes

Ananova: Company Guarantees Safety From Viruses 05-Jun-01 01:41:40 ET

Story Highlights:“A UK company that screens e-mails believes it can spot viruses before they strike, and is offering customers guaranteed security…”

* * *

“Cirencester-based Message Labs claims that none of its customers has been hit by LoveBug, Anna Kournikova or other bugs that have affected businesses…”

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