Daily Cybercrime and Security Report for June 11, 2001

A daily survey of the latest cybercrime news from around the world.

LA Times: Hackers Victimize Cal-ISO 10-Jun-01 02:07:52 ET

Story Highlights:“For at least 17 days at the height of the energy crisis, hackers mounted an attack on a computer system that is integral to the movement of electricity throughout California, a confidential report obtained by The Times shows…”

* * *

“Democratic and Republican lawmakers were angered by the security breach at an entity that is such a basic part of California’s power system, given its fragility during the state’s continuing energy crisis…”

Full Story on LA Times

ZDNET UK: DoS.Storm Comes With a Rude Message For Mr. Gates 11-Jun-01 03:53:53 ET

Story Highlights:“A program created to automatically flood Microsoft’s Web and email servers has been discovered on several corporate networks and may have spread further on the Internet…”

* * *

“Discovered this week, the worm — dubbed DoS.Storm — infects Microsoft Web servers and then scans for new machines to infect, floods Microsoft’s main Web site with data, and sends a deluge of…”

Full Story on ZDNET UK

NY Daily News: Peeking Hackers Not Seen as Major Risk 11-Jun-01 04:57:50 ET

Story Highlights:“If Timothy McVeigh’s death shows up on a bootleg video or renegade Web site, computer hackers probably won’t be to blame…”

* * *

“The greatest potential for illicit taping lies with those who will witness the execution, either in person in Indiana or on video monitors in Oklahoma City…”

Full Story on N Y Daily News

ZDNET: Doh! My Mac Has the Simpsons’ Virus 11-Jun-01 05:21:17 ET

Story Highlights:“MacSimpsons is an Applescript virus that sends copies of itself to everyone found in the Outlook Express or Entourage address books on an infected Mac computer…”

* * *

“MacSimpsons does not delete files, but it will point an infected user’s Internet Explorer browser to a legitimate Simpsons episode archive site…”

Full Story on ZDNET

ZDNET: ‘AOL Virus’: Joke’s On You 11-Jun-01 07:54:06 ET

Story Highlights:“After posting a farcical virus advisory on his Joke-A-Day site warning people to delete the ‘insidious’ AOL.exe virus, Webmaster Ray Owens found that quite a few of his readers actually believed it. Worse, they forwarded it to their friends…”

* * *

“The result: Owens received more than 700 letters, some congratulating him on the joke, but quite a few others asking him if the ‘warning’ was real..”

Full Story on ZDNET

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