Daily Cybercrime and Security Report for July 2, 2001

A daily survey of the latest cybercrime news from around the world.

Ananova: Hacker Fined for Crashing Emirates’ Computer System 02-Jul-01 05:12:10 ET

Story Highlights:“A computer whizz kid has been fined 2,000 for hacking into the United Arab Emirates’ only Internet provider and causing the whole…”

* * *

“He was working as a computer engineer at a Dubai construction firm in May last year when he began hacking into Etisalat’s systems. According to the Gulf News newspaper, the court was told the entire United Arab Emirates Internet system crashed on several…”

Full Story on Ananova

BBC: Briton Guilty of Dubai Hacking 01-Jul-01 12:38:50 ET

Story Highlights:“A British man has been found guilty of hacking into the United Arab Emirates’ state Internet system and fined $2,700…”

* * *

“There is currently no law against hacking in the UAE but Ashurst was charged with the misuse of telecommunications equipment. His arrest last June came after considerable public criticism of Etisalat’s Internet services and the company alleged Ashurst was…”

Full Story on BBC

BBC: Taiwan Plays Cyber War Games 01-Jul-01 09:38:07 ET

Story Highlights:“Taiwan is to include drills in cyber warfare in its largest annual military exercises later this month, according to a defence…”

* * *

“Chief of the Taiwan General Staff Tang Yao-ming has warned that China might launch an ‘information war,’including the use of computer viruses to paralyse military command, energy, transportation and banking systems, before an invasion of the island…”

Full Story on BBC

Montreal Gazette: Beware of the Spy in Your PC 30-Jun-01 06:52:36 ET

Story Highlights:“Is your computer harbouring a secret spy? Could be, especially if you’ve been downloading a lot of freeware or shareware programs…”

* * *

“Generally, this software protects against hackers getting into your computer from the Internet. But it also lets you know what software on your computer is trying to connect out to the Internet…”

Full Story on Montreal Gazette

BBC: Virus Hoax Aims to Dupe MP3 Users 30-Jun-01 05:36:28 ET

Story Highlights:“A hoax virus warning preying on the gullibility of computer users who swap songs via the Web is circulating…”

* * *

“But experts point out that data files such as MP3s cannot execute by themselves and thus cannot have computer viruses embedded in them. Rob Rosenberger who runs the virus myths and hoaxes Website Vmyths.com said MusicPanel was ‘obviously a hoax and not…'”

Full Story on BBC

CNN: Software Flaw Opens Cisco Devices to Hackers 29-Jun-01 17:06:33 ET

Story Highlights:“A flaw in Cisco Internetwork Operating System could allow hackers to gain full control over virtually all Cisco routers and switches…”

* * *

“Once a hacker has gained access he could redirect data traffic, allowing him to intercept or modify the data. Additionally he could change or delete the device configuration, effectively disabling the router or switch until an engineer reprograms it…”

Full Story on CNN

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