Daily Cybercrime and Security Report for July 16, 2001

A daily survey of the latest cybercrime news from around the world.

ZDNET: Russian Mafia Threaten Net 16-Jul-01 6:18:51 ET

Story Highlights:“Hackers have launched computer viruses and disruptive denial-of-service attacks, but the biggest danger comes from hackers with ties to organized crime breaking into computers…”

* * *

“Spearheading the organized hacking rings is the Russian Mafia, security experts say. The Russian Mafia has infiltrated many businesses in the former Soviet Union, and is becoming increasingly sophisticated in computer crimes…”

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The Globe: Hacker Advice: Don’t Do Crime 15-Jul-01 13:15:21 ET

Story Highlights:“At the world’s largest hacker convention a raucous and paranoid gathering of loners given to black T-shirts and wild pranks the veterans had a message for the younger, up-and-coming hackers: Go straight…”

* * *

“This year’s meeting, at the Alexis Park Hotel, featured sessions on how an interest in hacking can be parlayed into work as a security consultant and even the show’s organizers announced that they had formed their own firm…”

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Newsbytes: Mass Site Defacement Relied On Cheap Trick 13-Jul-01 1:22:20 ET

Story Highlights:“A mass defacement involving hundreds of Web sites should go into the hacking record books with an asterisk…”

* * *

“On Thursday a hacking group known as World of Hell (WoH) took credit at its site for defacing 679 homepages in one minute…”

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ZDNET: Uncle Sam Wants a Few Good Hackers 16-Jul-01 07:53:06 ET

Story Highlights:“We’re from the government and we want you to help us…”

* * *

“That was the message that from a seven-member ‘Meet the Fed’ panel, where government officials answered the questions of a roomful of hackers at the Def Con conference here Saturday…”

Full Story on ZDNET

Sydney Morning Herald: Computer Invaders Become Gatekeepers 15-Jul-01 12:21:22 ET

Story Highlights:“With his close-cropped hair and steel-rimmed glasses, the man from the CIA stuck out like a portable typewriter among the titanium-encased laptops and black-garbed delegates at this year’s international computer hackers’ conference…”

* * *

“For observers of the hacking scene, long shunned and reviled by the mainstream computer world, the sight of government agents attending the annual get-together is another sign that they are emerging from the shadows…”

Full Story on Sydney Morning Herald SF Tech Community To Celebrate Virus Vaccination Day 13-Jul-01 17:37:32 ET

Story Highlights:“Looking to show that the Bay Area tech community is alive and caring – despite gloomy tales about the exodus of dot comers, CompuMentor announced its hosting Virus Vaccination Day (VV Day) on July 21, 2001 in San Francisco…”

* * *

“The goal is to help nonprofits overcome computer-related challenges so that they can use technology to provide vital services to their communities…”

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