Daily Cybercrime and Security Report for July 13, 2001

A daily survey of the latest cybercrime news from around the world.

Newsbytes: Hackers Launch New E-Mail List For Security Bugs 12-Jul-01 12:55:58 ET

Story Highlights:“Adding new fuel to an already fiery debate about the best way to publicize information about security holes in software, a new mailing list for hackers made its debut Wednesday at the Black Hat Briefings in Las Vegas…”

* * *

“According to its founders, three high-profile computer security consultants and researchers, VulnWatch will steer clear of the commercialism and bureaucracy that they claim have degraded two of the most popular computer security lists: Bugtraq and NTBugtraq…”

Full Story on Newsbytes

BBC: Sins of the ‘Saint of E-Commerce’ 13-Jul-01 06:22:43 ET

Story Highlights:“Teenage hacker Raphael Gray said he did not regret hacking into e-commerce sites around the world, after a court sentenced him to three years’ probation and psychiatric attention…”

* * *

“The 19-year-old stole at least 23,000 card numbers from customer databases, publishing thousands of them on his own websites in a bid to publicise poor security at retail businesses…”

Full Story on BBC

ZDNET: Marijuana Worm Too Mellow to Spread 12-Jul-01 13:53:13 ET

Story Highlights:“The recent Marijuana worm’s chance of infecting computer networks was slim partly because it wasn’t attractive enough for people to spread, according to antivirus vendor Trend Micro…”

* * *

“‘It’s very rare that a virus comes out into the wild and spreads quickly, Trend Micro’s Andy Liou said. ‘This one probably wasn’t attractive enough for people to spread…'”

Full Story on ZDNET

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