Daily CyberCrime and Security Report for January 7, 2002

A daily survey of the latest cybercrime news from around the world.

ZDNET: Was AIM Hole Report Ignored? 04-Jan-02 06:44:03 ET

Story Highlights:“Brushing back criticism, a 19-year-old Utah college student said on Thursday he revealed a security flaw in AOL’s popular instant messaging service because when he tried to tell the media giant privately, he was ignored…”

* * *

“‘We never expected it to get this much attention,’ said Matt Conover, the college student and one of the founders of w00w00, which bills itself as the world’s largest non-profit security team …”

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Computerworld: Web Services, Internet Collaboration Pose Security Challenges for 2002 03-Jan-02 10:03:22 ET

Story Highlights:“The increased use of videoconferencing and Internet-collaboration technologies, the rush toward Web services and an emerging class of malicious code that blends virus and wormlike capabilities represent some of the biggest security challenges for 2002…”

* * *

“As was the case last year, users can also expect to see a sharp increase in the number of macro and script viruses that emerge in 2002…”

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Wired: Virus Writers Here to ‘Help’ 07-Jan-02 07:45:25 ET

Story Highlights:“Although it may seem trite to fret about computer virus attacks when compared with larger global security concerns, a seemingly endless onslaught of virtual vermin plagued computer users in 2001…”

* * *

“Anyone whose computer or network has been disrupted by a piece of nasty code may be surprised to learn that some who create and release worms and viruses look upon their work as performing community service…”

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N Y Daily News: Credit Card Cloners’ $1B Scam 03-Jan-02 10:48:26 ET

Story Highlights:“Superhackers ranging from Al Qaeda terrorists to local mobsters are making letter-perfect clones of consumers’ credit cards without so…”

* * *

“The best of the hackers are able to eliminate all traces of their handiwork, making them virtually impossible to track down and arrest…”

Full Story on N Y Daily News

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