Daily CyberCrime and Security Report for February 4, 2003

A daily survey of the latest cybercrime news from around the world.

CNN: Report: Serious Web Attack Threats Loom 04-Feb-03 10:06:11 ET

Story Highlights:“The number of cyber attacks on corporate networks rose 20 percent in the second half of 2002, Web security provider Symantec Corp. said in a report published this week, as the number of reported vulnerabilities nearly doubled from a year earlier…”

* * *

“The report came days after the debilitating attack of the ‘SQL Slammer’ worm that suddenly slowed Internet traffic worldwide, nearly shut down Web access in South Korea and brought many U.S. automatic teller machines to a standstill…”

Full Story on CNN

The Register: Phantom of the Opera 04-Feb-03 14:38:58 ET

Story Highlights:“Opera is racing to fix five vulnerabilities, three of which are said to be serious, involving the latest version of its popular Web browsing software…”

* * *

“Israeli security outfit GreyMagic Software today published five security advisories, largely related to Opera 7’s JavaScript Console feature…”

Full Story on The Register

PCWorld: Security Patch Caused Windows Crashes 04-Feb-03 08:47:15 ET

Story Highlights:“Microsoft has pulled a security patch for Windows NT 4.0 because installing it can cause the operating system to crash, the software maker said Monday…”

* * *

“The patch, released on December 11 last year, is to fix a privilege elevation vulnerability deemed ‘important’ by Microsoft…”

Full Story on PCWorld

InternetWeek: Slammer Did Most of Its Damage Within 10 Minutes 04-Feb-03 01:17:16 ET

Story Highlights:“The Slammer worm (also called Sapphire) of more than a week ago was not only nasty, it was quick on its feet…”

* * *

“According to a recent study, it was the fastest-spreading worm the Internet has yet seen…”

Full Story on InternetWeek

The Register: Korean Net Users Blame MS for Slammer Carnage 04-Feb-03 13:07:20 ET

Story Highlights:“Korean Net users are threatening Microsoft with legal action over the damage inflicted on the country’s broadband infrastructure by the Slammer worm…”

* * *

“Korea Times reports that the splendidly named People’s Solidarity for Participatory Democracy (PSPD) group is considering filing a class-action suit against the software giant…”

Full Story on The Register

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