Daily CyberCrime and Security Report for April 2, 2002

A daily survey of the latest cybercrime news from around the world.

The Register: MS Security Patch Fails To Work 02-Apr-02 07:17:45 ET

Story Highlights:“The MS patch intended to fix a data binding flaw in IE which enables a script to call executables on your Windows machine does not work…”

* * *

“We had several anecdotal reports of trouble — enough to cause alarm — and went so far as to wipe a perfectly good Linux image off one of our machines and do a clean install of Windows-XP…”

Full Story on The Register

MSNBC: Year-Old Hole Exposes Credit Cards 01-Apr-02 19:14:24 ET

Story Highlights:“Whos responsible when a year-old software bug hasnt been fixed, and as a result, customer credit card numbers are spit out onto the Internet; and when the company involved doesnt answer e-mails or phone calls, but all the while, keeps handing credit card numbers to hackers?…”

* * *

“Meanwhile, the source who found the customer records tried to contact the credit card association fraud departments, and that didnt help…”

Full Story on MSNBC

ComputerWorld: Malware’s Destructive Appetite Grows 01-Apr-02 12:54:38 ET

Story Highlights:“An evil array of computer viruses, worms and Trojan horses will in coming years propagate to your cell phone, invade your personal digital assistant (PDA), open back doors into your PC and more, experts are forecasting…”

* * *

“Predicting what form rogue software will take is difficult, they say, but current trends offer clues…”

Full Story on ComputerWorld

The Register: Undead Virus Infects the Dim-Witted 01-Apr-02 07:41:27 ET

Story Highlights:“A worm which poses as a caricature of former US president Bill Clinton stole the headlines last month, but old favourites like SirCam and Klez-E were far more of a problem for most Internet users…”

* * *

“That’s according to monthly statistics from managed services firm MessageLabs, which stopped 161,904 viruses in March, slightly up on the 135,523 it blocked in February, but well down on figures from the two previous months…”

Full Story on The Register

Network Computing: Connect the Dots 01-Apr-02 14:45:18 ET

Story Highlights:“If you’re an IT security practitioner, a phalanx of intricately aligned defense mechanisms are at your disposal. Your perimeter defense strategy comprises firewalls, routers and intrusion-detection systems. You’re running intrusion-prevention software on key machines…”

* * *

“But this dreamland quickly turns into a nightmare the second the seas of data start flooding your world…”

Full Story on Network Computing

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