Daily CyberCrime and Security Report for April 11, 2002

A daily survey of the latest cybercrime news from around the world.

The Register: Eight New IIS Security Holes Exposed 10-Apr-02 20:35:19 ET

Story Highlights:“There are eight new security stuff-ups affecting various editions of Microsoft IIS (Internet Information Server), the most serious of which will enable an attacker to take over the system, MS revealed today…”

* * *

“If you’re wondering why you haven’t heard about them before, chalk it up to Trustworthy Computing, a Redmond policy which leaves everyone exposed to attack until MS is satisfied with its patches and spills the beans…”

Full Story on The Register

TechWeb: Making Sense of Intrusion Detection 10-Apr-02 09:45:27 ET

Story Highlights:“Intrusion detection systems are vital to securing the IT perimeter. They’re used to inspect logs, monitor files, unify authenticationin other words, to collect and manage all the data needed to safeguard the network…”

* * *

“And that adds up to a problem. Take hundreds of log entries, thousands of vulnerability alarms, six digits worth of alerts, and suddenly you’re dealing with deluge of data…”

Full Story on TechWeb

The Register: Newmedia Agency Mail List Gets Worm Payload 11-Apr-02 09:45:27 ET

Story Highlights:“Subscribers to a mailing list sent out on behalf of 20th Century Fox received an unwelcome release yesterday when they were sent a copy of the Klez-E worm…”

* * *

“A Linux server at new media agency Foresight, which runs the list, was successfully commandeered by vandals to run an external script that sent out the worm to subscribers on the list…”

Full Story on The Register

BBC: Next Computer Bug Could Hit UK Hard 11-Apr-02 04:16:04 ET

Story Highlights:“The next big computer virus outbreak could wreak havoc among British businesses…”

* * *

“A survey by security company McAfee has found that many companies are not doing enough to protect themselves against a computer virus as virulent as Code Red or Nimda…”

Full Story on BBC

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