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If you do business on the Internet, you cannot afford to be uninformed about the dangers and pitfalls that cybercrime poses. The following is a daily survey of the latest cybercrime news from around the world.

The Register: Hackers Turn Racist in Attack on Hardware Site 08-Apr-01 11:51:19 ET

Story Highlights:“PC motherboard specialist PC Chips has fallen victim to defacement in an attack that shows that hackers can be unthinking racists…”

* * *

“The home page of the site, which runs Apache on a Red Hat Linux server, was replaced by a message from the 1i0n Crew, which contained in its headline the racist remark ‘Kill all the Japanese!’…”

Full Story on The Register

Fairfax I.T.: Singapore Airlines Ticket Sales Website Hacked 08-Apr-01 21:24:07 ET

Story Highlights:“The website’s main page was replaced with an angry message apparently directed at US computer giant Microsoft…”

* * *

“‘Defaced by InX,’ the message said. It went on to express support for Linux, an operating system that competes with Microsoft Windows, and aimed an obscenity at ‘M$’ users, making reference to a Microsoft product…”

Full Story on Fairfax I.T.

CNN: Hackers Hit Indian ‘Bollywood,’ Cricket Sites 09-Apr-01 10:04:29 ET

Story Highlights:Hackers have defaced two Indian Internet sites catering to movie fans and cricket lovers, the chief of the company that runs the sites said on Saturday…”

* * *

“One of the sites showed pasted statements criticizing India’s role in Kashmir, the Himalayan zone disputed by Pakistan…”

Full Story on CNN

ZDNET: Microsoft’s Killer Virus Remedy 06-Apr-01 09:46:58 ET

Story Highlights:“Responding to the rash of e-mail viruses that started with Melissa and I Love You, the Redmond, Wash.-based company is clamping down on the types of file attachments that will work with the newest version of its Outlook e-mail software…”

* * *

“Outlook 2002, a new e-mail application included with Microsoft’s forthcoming Office XP business software suite due later this spring, will by default reject more than 30 types of files sent as e-mail attachments…”

Full Story on ZDNET

Computer User: British Firm Develops “Unbreakable” Polymorphic Encryption 09-Apr-01 03:10:00 ET

Story Highlights:“BitArts, a company founded by a group of ex-computer software crackers, has developed a revolutionary encryption system they claim is all but unbreakable…”

* * *

“John Safa, BitArt’s founder and chief technical officer, said that the encryption system works by changing the data on-the-fly while it is in the memory of a PC…”

Full Story on Computer User

CNN: Cybersleuths Find Growing Role in Fighting Crime 08-Apr-01 16:23:43 ET

Story Highlights:“Kris Haworth pounded away at her keyboard, navigating a labyrinth of computer data in her search for evidence…”

* * *

“Haworth, who runs Deloitte & Touche’s computer forensics lab in San Francisco, is one of a growing number of private-sector cyber avengers, fighting computer crimes that the government is ill-equipped to investigate…”

Full Story on CNN

Fairfax I.T.: Hacking For Fun, Not Profit, Mischief 08-Apr-01 21:24:09 ET

Story Highlights:“Jeff Baker hacks into America’s corporate computer networks for fun, not profit with no subversive purpose in mind…”

* * *

“Baker, a 24 year old systems programmer, is part of a group of computer experts who spend their free time trying to figure out potential Internet security threats to large networks…”

Full Story on Fairfax I.T.

Computer User: Hackers Often Gained Government “Root” Access in 2000 07-Apr-01 03:09:59 ET

Story Highlights:“Malicious hackers were able to gain complete control over computer systems in more than 155 incidents at federal civilian agencies last year…”

* * *

“Investigators at the General Services Administration (GSA) told lawmakers they also had documented hundreds of cases of network reconnaissance targeting scientific facilities at 18 different civilian agencies last year…”

Full Story on Computer User

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