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If you do business on the Internet, you cannot afford to be uninformed about the dangers and pitfalls that cybercrime poses. The following is a daily survey of the latest cybercrime news from around the world.

Info World: FBI Completes Rollout of Corporate Cybercrime Program 08-Jan-01 19:45:10 ET

Story Highlights:“The FBI last week officially announced the formation of its InfraGard program, a cybercrime security initiative designed to improve cooperation between federal law enforcement officials and the private sector…”

* * *

“The problem, according to sources, has been that the FBI treats all potential cybercrimes as law enforcement investigations first and foremost — a stance that effectively bars access to information by other government security agencies…”

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ZDNET UK: Romanian Hacker Bombs Chat Network 09-Jan-01 06:39:10 ET

Story Highlights:“A Romanian hacker has launched a major distributed denial of service (DDoS) forcing one of the largest IRC (Internet Relay Chat) networks, Undernet, to shut down much of its service, system administrators said Monday…”

* * *

“One IRC server system administrator who spoke on the condition of anonymity, so that his servers would not become a target, said that the attacks appear to be coming from hundreds of remote machines taken over by a single hacker…”

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Ananova: N-station Security To Be Increased After Hacking Bid 08-Jan-01 20:14:05 ET

Story Highlights:“Security is to be stepped up at Britain’s nuclear power stations after a guard attempted to hack into one site’s computer system…”

* * *

“The security guard tried to alter sensitive information contained on computers at the unnamed complex, triggering a high-level alert. It emerged that the patrolman had never been vetted and he had two undisclosed criminal convictions…”

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ZDNET UK: Cybercrime Treaty May Conflict with UN Declaration 09-Jan-01 06:39:12 ET

Story Highlights:“A leading UK Internet rights group is to warn United Nations representatives that international plans to fight cybercrime pose a serious menace to the privacy and rights of…”

* * *

“Computer hacking and viruses are viewed as rapidly growing menaces to global businesses and citizens…”

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ZDNET UK: Macromedia: Flash is Secure 09-Jan-01 04:54:55 ET

Story Highlights:“Macromedia Monday said its own tests have shown there is no risk that its popular Flash multimedia player could allow a computer virus to be sent to attack the computers of Internet users…”

* * *

“A security bug in Flash could be devastating due to the software’s near-ubiquity — some 96 percent of all personal computers accessing the Internet have some version of Flash installed, according to Macromedia…”

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PCWEEK: Egghead: No Credit Cards Were Stolen 08-Jan-01 16:55:35 ET

Story Highlights:“Egghead.com Inc. continued its damage-control efforts Monday, sending letters to customers assuring them that no credit card information was stolen when its customer database was penetrated by hackers in December…”

* * *

“Instead, the company maintains that the fraudulent charges could be the result of someone else stealing the same numbers from another database, a claim that security experts scoffed at…”

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