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If you do business on the Internet, you cannot afford to be uninformed about the dangers and pitfalls that cybercrime poses. The following is a daily survey of the latest cybercrime news from around the world.

NUA: Most Nations Lack Cyber Crime Laws 08-Dec-00 06:26:17 ET

Story Highlights:“International cyber crimes may be impossible to prosecute, as most countries have yet to update their laws to deal with computer-related offenses…”

* * *

“According to the report, the Philippines’ development of cyber crime legislation was prompted by its inability to prosecute the student responsible for the Love Bug virus. For its report, McConnell International looked at ten different types of cyber crime…”

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Computer User: Few Nations Have Adequate Laws To Fight Cyber Crime 08-Dec-00 03:10:15 ET

Story Highlights:“Only a small percentage of nations have passed laws sufficient to prosecute computer crimes, a deficiency that allows cyber criminals to operate with impunity, according to a study of 52 countries…”

* * *

“The study comes at a time when the Council of Europe is about to wrap up a lengthy drafting process for an international cyber crime treaty, to be signed and eventually ratified by more than 41 nations. The treaty has been hailed as…”

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Fairfax I.T.: Much International Internet Crime Goes Unpunished 07-Dec-00 17:40:05 ET

Story Highlights:“International Internet criminals have a very good chance of getting away with their crimes, according to two studies released today…”

* * *

“According to the Gartner study, annual federal funding for cybercrime training investigation and enforcement will not top one percent of the overall federal law enforcement budget through 2004. That in the face of predictions that online crime will grow by as much as 1,000 percent over…”

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CNET News.com: FBI Chimes In On Shockwave Email Virus 07-Dec-00 16:09:13 ET

Story Highlights:“The FBI has joined a growing number of experts that are warning computer users about a new email virus, which last week struck several U.S. companies, that comes disguised as an Internet movie…”

* * *

“Experts warn that if the new virus gains enough momentum, it could crash email servers in the same way the notorious ‘I Love You’ virus did. The government has been watching the virus for some time and has given it a threat assessment of…”

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Info World: Europe’s Cyber Crime Treaty Criticized 08-Dec-00 05:30:35 ET

Story Highlights:“The chairman of the committee drafting the Council of Europe’s proposal for fighting cybercrime faced renewed questions and criticism of the draft treaty on Thursday from a representative of U.S. IT companies and a privacy advocate…”

* * *

“Speaking at a panel discussion on global cybercrime, Prof. Henrik Kaspersen, chairman of the Council of Europe’s Committee of Experts on Crime in Cyberspace, said the council was trying to find a ‘flexible and dynamic way’ to write the treaty…”

Full Story on Info World

Inter@ctive Week: Critics Say Cybercrime Treaty Harmful 07-Dec-00 17:10:38 ET

Story Highlights:“Critics of a proposed cybercrime convention argued Thursday that the drafters have taken a potentially damaging approach to regulating the Internet in their efforts to tackle computer crimes that cross national borders…”

* * *

“Industry and privacy representatives outlined their concerns with the draft convention being developed by the Council of Europe, a 41-member organization founded to promote cooperation on human rights and other issues, during a news conference in Washington where a new survey…”

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ZDNET UK: Companies Strike Back at Mobile Hacks 08-Dec-00 07:55:03 ET

Story Highlights:Hackers beware! If you think the telecommuters at Lexis-Nexis are easy targets, you’d better think again…”

* * *

“Armed with strict security policies, firewalls on laptops, virus-scanning software and secure dial-up accounts, all Lexis-Nexis employees — from assistants to the CEO — are so tough about security that they’re more likely to wear combat boots than bunny slippers when working from home…”

Full Story on ZDNET UK

MSNBC: A Rash Of Bugs And User Errors Crops Up To Plague Handhelds 08-Dec-00 03:39:38 ET

Story Highlights:“While most Americans were relaxing and eating leftover turkey on the Sunday after Thanksgiving, Chuck Mefford was spending hours trying to fix his Palm V handheld computer…”

* * *

“Mr. Meffords imbroglio began when he accidentally transmitted a computer virus from his desktop computer to his Palm V while synchronizing the two. The virus wiped out all the data — addresses, appointments and memos — on his Palm…”

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