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If you do business on the Internet, you cannot afford to be uninformed about the dangers and pitfalls that cybercrime poses. The following is a daily survey of the latest cybercrime news from around the world.

Ananova: FBI Warns of New Year Hacker Attacks 05-Dec-00 06:14:30 ET

Story Highlights:“The FBI’s cybercrime unit has warned Web users to be vigilant during the Christmas holidays. The National Infrastructure Protection Centre believes there could be a rise in the number of malicious attacks on e-commerce sites…”

* * *

“Last week saw the emergence of a new, potentially dangerous computer virus that is spreading across computer systems worldwide. The TROJ-Shockwave virus — also dubbed I.worm.Prolin — sends an e-mail attachment that purports to be ‘a great Shockwave flash movie’ but…”

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MSNBC: Experts: Carnivore Review Toothless 04-Dec-00 21:24:41 ET

Story Highlights:“The researchers said that while a previous review completed by a team at the Illinois appeared to have been conducted in good faith, the results were incomplete…”

* * *

“Among other things, the security experts criticized the use of a single, all-powerful user the ‘administrator’ on the system. Such a configuration turns any security hole into a critical flaw, since an unauthorized user on the machine has complete power…”

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Information Week: Task Force Issues Warning On Cyberattacks 04-Dec-00 18:58:23 ET

Story Highlights:“A government-led task force is warning companies doing business over the Internet to tighten security after an increase in computer attacks that have focused on systems related to e-commerce or banking…”

* * *

“The center has also warned against new holiday-oriented viruses, such as ‘Navidad,’ a Spanish-language e-mail worm, and ‘Music,’ an e-mail attachment that displays a picture of Santa Claus and…”

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The Register: Hackers, Windows NT and the FBI 04-Dec-00 19:02:03 ET

Story Highlights:“The FBI has warned e-tailers to guard against hackers. An alert on the FBI-run National Infrastructure Protection Centre (NIPC) Web site reads: ‘Based on FBI investigations and other information, the NIPC has observed that there has recently been an increase…'”

* * *

“The hackers are exploiting at least three known system vulnerabilities to gain unauthorized access and download propriety information. Although these vulnerabilities are not new, this recent activity warrants additional attention…”

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