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If you do business on the Internet, you cannot afford to be uninformed about the dangers and pitfalls that cybercrime poses. The following is a daily survey of the latest cybercrime news from around the world.

The Register: Lloyd’s of London Hacker Gets Slapped Wrist 01-Dec-00 08:16:25 ET

Story Highlights:“A teenage hacker who pleaded guilty to hacking into the Lloyd’s of London Web site has received a lenient sentence…”

* * *

“The 17 year-old, who is known as ‘X,’ attacked both Lloyd’s and Railtrack in New Year’s Eve attacks, using his own PC. This meant he left his digital fingerprints all over the attack, making him relatively easy to trace. He taunted Lloyd’s over its lack of security and falsely warned of cancellations…”

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ZDNET UK: New Virus Creates Shockwaves 01-Dec-00 04:55:09 ET

Story Highlights:“A new virus is beginning to send shockwaves around the world. Experts say the worm is travelling faster than the speed of light to a computer near you…”

* * *

“We’ve learnt from the Love Bug virus, [this virus] has the same capabilities, but we’re able to contain it quicker,’ a spokesperson from anti-virus company Trend Micro said. The attachment is an .exe file called creative.exe, which disguises itself…”

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Computer User: Computer Associates Warns Of Afeto Virus 01-Dec-00 03:10:20 ET

Story Highlights:“Computer Associates has warned PC users to be on the lookout for a new virus called Afeto…”

* * *

“Like many of the latest crop of viruses, WM97/Afeto spreads via e-mail, changing its appearance to avoid detection. Once executed on a host PC, the virus violates user’s privacy by searching for JPEG format files, and sending the first one found to other PCs. The text of the Word document accompanying the image, CA said, reads ‘Para voces com afeto,’ a Portuguese phrase meaning…”

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The Age: Judges Not Up To Speed On Technology 01-Dec-00 03:00:41 ET

Story Highlights:“Australian High Court Justice Michael Kirby today warned that many judges don’t know enough about new technology to make effective rulings on Internet cases…”

* * *

“In May the Love Bug virus devastated computers worldwide, causing billions of dollars in damage. But at the time, the Philippines — like Australia — had no anti-hacking laws…”

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St. Petersburg Times: Conference Discusses Electronic Terrorism 30-Nov-00 23:59:46 ET

Story Highlights:“While the legendary inventiveness of Russia’s hackers has made frequent headlines in recent years, the small number of experts discussing technological security in the city last week said that the chances…”

* * *

“According to Sabynin, the conference was meant to discuss and forecast the prospect of hackers breaking into automated operation systems. ‘Computer technology has grown to occupy a central place in our lives,’ Sabynin said…”

Full Story on St. Petersburg Times

MSNBC: AIM Users Prone To Name Hijacks 30-Nov-00 21:39:53 ET

Story Highlights:“Users of America Onlines Instant Messenger application are in danger of losing their on-screen identities. On Wednesday, two AOL user sites — Inside-AOL.com and AOL-Files.com — revealed that the accounts of AIM users were being stolen by hackers using a technique that has been wafting about the Internet for weeks…”

* * *

“‘This vulnerability was known to AOL for a significant amount of time before we released it,’ the two sites said in a combined statement released Wednesday. ‘It was known to a large underground user base of AIM aficionados…'”

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MSNBC: Pro-Linux Virus Infecting Companies 30-Nov-00 19:39:56 ET

Story Highlights:“A computer virus that poses as a Shockwave movie and urges victims to install the Linux operating system has infected at least four Fortune 500 companies according to antivirus firms…”

* * *

Known as ‘Prolin,’ or pro-Linux, the bug politely places instructions on how to recover from infections on the victims computer. Experts are concerned that it might spread quickly around the Internet…”

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The Register: Viruses Prey On Porn Lovers 30-Nov-00 18:16:21 ET

Story Highlights:“We are our own worst enemies when it comes to infection with computer viruses, but lessons do seem to be being learned…”

* * *

“Script viruses only account for around six per cent of all those released, but infect the greatest number of systems. Virus writers use various tricks and lures to entice victims to open attachments which allow the viruses to run, said Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at anti-virus outfit Sophos…”

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