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If you do business on the Internet, you cannot afford to be uninformed about the dangers and pitfalls that cybercrime poses. The following is a daily survey of the latest cybercrime news from around the world.

CNET News.com: “Romeo and Juliet” Bug Spreads on Outlook 21-Nov-00 17:34:01 ET

Story Highlights:“A new virus dubbed ‘Romeo and Juliet’ is attacking computers in Europe and America, but it is not as dangerous as the romance-themed ‘I Love You’ virus, say computer experts…”

* * *

“Vincent Gullotto, senior director of McAfee’s AVERT Labs said two recently reported viruses are continuing to cause concern as they propagate. Just last week, experts announced the discovery of a worm, ‘Hybris,’ that carries no destructive payload…”

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Info World: Low-Risk Internet Worm Making the Rounds 22-Nov-00 05:39:12 ET

Story Highlights:“A new Internet worm, dubbed Romeo and Juliet, has been given a low-risk rating by antivirus software companies after it was discovered last week…”

* * *

“The Trojan horse program, which is hidden in an HTML format e-mail message, carries two attached files that are executed automatically when an infected message is opened on PCs running Microsoft’s Windows…”

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Computer User: Nothing Romantic About New Romeo & Juliet Virus 22-Nov-00 03:20:05 ET

Story Highlights:“GFI, the e-mail content checking software company, said it has uncovered another problematic virus called Romeo & Juliet. The bad news, the IT security firm said, is that the virus is not detectable…”

* * *

“Nick Galea, the company’s CEO, said that Romeo & Juliet virus takes e-mail viruses to alarming new dimensions, since it cannot be detected by anti-virus programs…”

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TechWeb: Carriers Mum On Cyber Attacks, Response 21-Nov-00 18:37:39 ET

Story Highlights:“The catchphrase ‘reach out and touch someone’ took on a whole new meaning for carriers earlier this month in light of some electronic cyber-attacks on one long-distance carrier…”

* * *

“In these days of instant communications via the Internet, news reports that AT&T Corp. became a target of terrorist computer hackers showed that some carriers rely on a loose and varied conglomeration of sources for information on cyber attacks. AT&T was reportedly the target in the ongoing cyberwar…”

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The Register: Workers Open Back Doors for Hackers 22-Nov-00 08:11:06 ET

Story Highlights:“Employees are the biggest threat to network security — and they don’t even know it…”

* * *

“Protecting a company from external attacks from ‘recreational hackers’ was almost irrelevant if a system was not properly secured internally, Robin Dahlberg, UK MD of Internet Security Systems says. ‘It is like locking all your doors but leaving the windows open…'”

Full Story on The Register

The Register: eBay Pulls Kevin Mitnick Trinkets 22-Nov-00 06:24:45 ET

Story Highlights:“What would you pay for a vintage computer once used by hacker Kevin Mitnick? How about a cell phone that he once spoke on, or a genuine prison I.D. card…?”

* * *

“Online auction house eBay cancelled an offering of Mitnick’s official federal Bureau of Prisons inmate I.D. card, ending a flow of authentic Mitnick merchandise put up by his father on behalf of the legendary hacker, who is himself barred from using computers, and of course accessing the Web…”

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Wired: A Star Wars Defense to Hackers 21-Nov-00 13:49:00 ET

Story Highlights:“Basing their strategy on a grad student’s work, a new Internet security company has begun beta-testing its solution to Denial-of-Service attacks on the high-speed experimental Internet2 backbone…”

* * *

“Asta Networks was formed earlier this year to develop and market the security system by Asta chief scientist Stefan Savage, a doctoral candidate at the University of Washington, and members of the school’s Computer Science and Engineering faculty. Their approach to the Denial-of-Service problem is based on his doctoral thesis…”

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