Cybercrime Roundup for July 03, 2003

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E-Commerce Times: Web Sites on Alert for Purported Hacker Contest03-Jul-03 07:36 ET

Story Highlights:“Security experts have warned that the holiday weekend could bring an onslaught of defacement attacks on U.S. Web sites, not as a result of anti-American sentiment, but instead because of a purported contest among domestic hackers.”

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The Register: California Enacts Full Disclosure Security01-Jul-03 19:58 ET

Story Highlights:“From today (July 1) all firms doing business in California will be obliged to advise their customers what data might be disclosed if their systems are ever successfully attacked.”

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TechWorld: Bugbear and Sobig Top Virus Poll01-Jul-03 15:49 ET

Story Highlights:“The Bugbear and Sobig viruses top a list of the most frequently occurring viruses of 2003, according to a report put out by antivirus company Sophos PLC. A total of 3,855 new viruses were introduced in the first half of this year, according to Sophos, an increase of 17.5 percent over the same time last year.”

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Wired: Vmyths Hovering at Death’s Door03-Jul-03 02:00 ET

Story Highlights:“One of the Web’s best FUD-fighting sites may not be around much longer. FUD — which stands for Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt — is a marketing technique. Stir up enough FUD about some scary threat and people might feel compelled to buy your product to protect themselves from impending doom.”

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The Register: Bloomberg Extortionist Jailed for 4 Years02-Jul-03 10:15 ET

Story Highlights:“Oleg Zezev (AKA Oleg Zezov), 29, was convicted of breaking into Bloomberg’s computer system, and then emailing Bloomberg founder Michael Bloomberg threatening that the financial news service’s reputation would be put at risk if he wasn’t paid.”

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