AntiSec Carves Another Notch in Its Keyboard With Defense Contractor Hack

AntiSec, the hacker movement thatemerged as LulzSec closedshop inJune, apparently hacked into the servers of yet another defense contractorThursday.

This time, the victim is Vanguard DefenseIndustries.

AntiSec hackers on Friday released 1GB of privateemails and documents regarding Richard Garcia, VDI’s senior vice president,on the Internet.

The documents include notes about internal meetings, contracts,schematics and other sensitive information.

AntiSec apparently cracked Garcia’s password to get in.

Trend Micro is led to believe this was done through hacking apassword,” Trend Micro research manager Jamz Yaneza toldTechNewsWorld.

The email address for Vanguard, [email protected], did not appear to be operative when TechNewsWorld tried to contact the company through it.

Who Is Vanguard?

Vanguard makes unmanned drones equipped with grenade launchers andshotguns that are used by law enforcement, military groups and privatecorporations in the United States, Latin America and elsewhere.

Its ShadowHawk Unmanned AerialSystem drone can fly in various conditions for up to three hours at a time and canmaintain aerial surveillance of an area at a height of 700 feet.

Vanguard says purchasers may getfunding from theDepartment of Homeland Security.

For example, Montgomery County, Texas, used a DHSgrant to get aShadowHawk for use by its SWAT team, Vanguard’s website says.

Why Vanguard, and What Happened?

The attack on VDI appears to be the latest stage in a running battlewith white-hat hackers and law enforcement agencies, who are joiningforces to track down and arrest members of AntiSec and its allies.

In July, the FBI arrested 16 suspected hackers in the UnitedStates.

AntiSec hackers said they struck at VDI to cause the company embarrassment anddisruption and also to send a strong message to the hacker communitythat it’s coming for white-hat hackers, collaborators with lawenforcement, and military contractors.

Defense contractors are among AntiSec’s prime targets. Several defensecontractors, including BoozAllen, IRCFederal and the Defense AcquisitionUniversity have fallen to attacks byAntiSec in recent months.

Garcia is an executive board member of InfraGard,a joint effort between the FBI and private security contractors. Likedefense contractors, InfraGard is one of the targets of AntiSec’swrath.

To date, AntiSec claims that it has hit InfraGard offices three times.

Information Leaked

In addition to his membership of InfraGard, Garcia is the formerglobal security manager for Shell Oil, and he previously served asassistant director of the Los Angeles FBI office, AntiSec said.

AntiSec apparently exploited two outdated plug-ins in the WordPressblogging platform, which VDI was using.

Items stolen by AntiSec include notes of internal meetings, contracts,schematics, non-disclosure agreements, personal information aboutother VDI employees and several dozen counter-terrorism documentsclassified as “law enforcement sensitive” and for official use only,AntiSec claimed.

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