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iCorps Technologies Steps Up to Offer Linux Service and Support

By Matthew Beale
Jul 23, 1999 12:00 AM PT

iCorps Technologies launched an array of Linux-related services this week. The services are aimed at small-to-medium-sized businesses and will provide applications development, consulting, installation and support.

iCorps Technologies Steps Up to Offer Linux Service and Support

"Linux is a low-cost, stable and secure operating system (OS) that's exploding with growth and being supported by more and more leading hardware and software vendors," observed Michael Handley, president and CEO for iCorps.

Linux as a Cost-Effective Web, Database or Applications Server

According to iCorps, small-to-medium-sized companies can realize cost-savings and performance improvements from using the Linux operating system as a Web, database or applications server within a thin-server environment.

"Companies supporting more than 25 users need to move beyond a single server to effectively run their applications, databases and Web site," added Handley. "While they may choose to use NT or Appleshare as their main network server, a Linux Web, database and/or applications server costs less than alternative operating systems with equal, or in some cases, better performance."

Founded in 1994, iCorps Technologies, Inc. is an IT consulting firm with offices in Boston and New York.

The Eye of the Linux Storm?

Vancouver, British Columbia-based Stormix Technologies announced this week the availability of the alpha version of its Storm Linux. The new distribution, intended for both desktops and server markets, is available for download through the company's Web site. Detailed Feedback is strongly encouraged.

"Linux is already stable and secure," said Kevin Lindsay, team leader for Stormix. "Our goal is user-friendliness." According to the company and many experts, older versions of Linux have earned a reputation for difficult installation. Storm Linux, attempting to work on the problem, installs graphically.

A Linux Minute

"Our tools can automatically organize hard drives or guide users through the task," added Lindsay. "Depending on what is installed, Storm Linux can be ready in fifteen minutes." Storm Linux includes X Windows, which provides a Windows-like display, a Netscape browser and tools to customize on-screen display.

Stormix was established in February of this year with an initial investment from Joseph Kilbur and David Talmor, founders of NetNation Communications, a Web hosting and e-commerce solutions provider.

"After using the Linux operating system to build a Web-site hosting service, we were convinced that Linux has huge potential," commented Talmor. "We decided to establish a new company that focused on the creation of a powerful and user-friendly distribution of the operating system."

Fast & Easy

Prima Tech, a division of Prima Publishing, recently released "Red Hat 6.0 Fast & Easy," as part of its Fast & Easy series of books "geared toward the reader who wants to become competent in a technology quickly." The authors are Coletta and Craig Witherspoon.

"As with any new operating system, there is a maze of tasks to learn," commented Craig Witherspoon. "This book will show the reader how to make Red Hat Linux 6.0 a friendly and exciting addition."


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