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Technology Spotlight: Magic Software Enterprises

By Matthew W. Beale
Apr 10, 2000 12:00 AM PT

Magic Software Enterprises is one of an increasing number of high-tech firms that are moving a portion of their business and product lines to the Linux open-source platform. The company is a board member of Linux International, which is a non-profit organization founded with a mission to advance international Linux acceptance.

Technology Spotlight: Magic Software Enterprises

According to the company, Magic is "committed to increasing the visibility for Linux as a viable alternative for companies worldwide that want to actively exploit the benefits of doing business over the Internet."

In the following interview with the E-Commerce Times, Magic Software Enterprises Vice President of Worldwide Marketing David Leichner discusses the future of Linux and e-commerce, "Linux hysteria," and Wall Street's wary eye in the aftermath of several high-profile Linux public offerings.

With regard to how that fits into the open-source model, I think that as Linux gains more and more acceptance into the corporate world, there will have to be a harmony between open-source and existing vendors that have proprietary software and for one reason or another they've decided not to put out into the open-source market.

Q What is Linux International, and what does the organization do?

What this organization is aimed at doing is promoting the welfare of what Linux was all about from the beginning: To be able to have this core technology that people could build modules around, but where the core of technology is actually being improved all the time, and is not taking forks in the road to become proprietary to one distributor or another.

Q Why has Linux received so much attention?

I love the story about the Linux programmer who puts out a question to the Web, and within an hour he has 20 different responses, all of them work as fixes. The same situation with Microsoft would fall into some NT support group and you might get an answer after two days.

Q Ultimately, what will the Microsoft antitrust trial mean for Linux?

Q What impact will Linux will have on Microsoft's business decisions?

So, I don't really think Microsoft will release one of the core revenue generators within the company to try to compete against Linux, because Linux is going to have to actually prove itself as a revenue generator in order for the companies that are involved to continue to have the valuations that they do on Wall Street. Eventually, as they say, it all comes down to the bottom line, and the analysts want to see revenue.

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