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eBay To Roll Out Magazine; Books Just Behind

By Robert Conlin & James Hollander
Jul 9, 1999 12:00 AM PT

When there's been millions upon millions of words written about you, it's probably only fair that you be allowed to put in your two cents worth.

eBay To Roll Out Magazine; Books Just Behind

That might be what the popular auction site eBay (Nasdaq: EBAY) is thinking Friday, as it announced the anticipated late summer launch of eBay Magazine.

The magazine will join two new books about eBay. The first is one in the "Dummy" series of books, the wildly popular series that has taught so many inept people the rudimentary skills of everything from word processing to auto repair. "eBay for Dummies" will hit the bookstands in August as well.

Last month, the company announced the November publication of the official "eBay Guide to Buying, Selling and Collecting Just About Anything," a book that has a little something for anyone interested in the culture of eBay. It is the only authorized book from eBay on collecting and is being written by Laura and Michael Kaiser, a New York City couple and eBay enthusiasts.

Over the past four years, a unique culture and community has formed on eBay," said company VP, Brian Swette. "eBay has become a part of people's lives. We're excited to now offer people new ways to experience eBay in the offline world."

Magazine Offers Nuts and Bolts

eBay Magazine will touch on just about every aspect of a world that has attracted 3.8 million registered users and has more than 2.2 million items for sale at any given moment.

The magazine will address the latest trends in the industry, offer tips on how to buy, sell and invest in collectibles, report on e-commerce and online trading and include features on the collecting habits of celebrities and other pop culture ephemera.

The company said it is currently offering a limited time, charter subscription for $14.99 (US$) for 12 issues. Charter subscribers will also receive a collectible version of the eBay Magazine debut cover and individually numbered copies the someday - the company reminds in typical eBay fashion - might just be worth something.

The magazine will be published by Krause Publications, one of the world's largest hobby publishers. It publishes 37 periodicals in 12 collectible hobby fields and has more than 500 books covering the same topics.

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