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Caldera and IBM Announce Agreement to Push Linux

By Matthew W. Beale
Jun 29, 1999 12:00 AM PT

Caldera Systems, Inc. and IBM have announced a joint development, marketing and support agreement to promote the Linux operating system (OS).

Caldera and IBM Announce Agreement to Push Linux

As disclosed by the terms of the agreement, the two companies will recruit independent software vendors (ISVs), systems integrators and value-added resellers (VARs) to sell IBM and Caldera OpenLinux solutions. In addition, Caldera will provide Big Blue with educational materials and dedicated Linux development and technical support services.

"The proven scalability and reliability of IBM's hardware and software makes them an obvious choice for our partners," commented Caldera CEO Ransom Love. "That choice is confirmed by the high level of interest we're seeing from resellers of IBM and OpenLinux solutions."

Experience and Market Presence

Caldera will provide assistance by way of dedicated developers to help IBM port and test software to OpenLinux, including the DB2 Universal Database, Lotus Domino, SecureWay and WebSphere. The Orem, Utah-based company that designs, develops and markets Linux business solutions, will also provide 24x7 technical support to assist IBM's open-source customers.

"IBM's proven software on the Linux operating system offers our e-business customers one more choice in selecting the platform that best meets their needs," stated Dick Sullivan, IBM Software Group's Vice President of Integrated Solutions Marketing. "As a recognized leader in Linux for business solutions, Caldera has the experience and market presence to give business partners the ability to capitalize on opportunities in this exciting new space."

Pay-Per-Incident Linux Support

Bynari, Inc. announced this week that its Pay-Per-Incident Linux telephone support is slated to go live on July 1st. Customers who call the company's 800 number, during regular business hours, can access technical Linux-related support for $35 (US$). In the meantime, it's still free.

The Dallas, Texas-based provider of Linux business solutions, including a "Total eCommerce" package, also offers free support options at its official Web site. Surfers can avail themselves of diagnostic utilities that are available for download, a FAQ, knowledge base search engines and multi-site search tools.

Foreseeing A World Without Windows?

Cumetrix Data Systems recently announced that it will be selling an AMD K62-350-driven personal computer -- without Windows -- for $299 through its e-commerce site. The company, based in City of Industry, California, helped to cut the cost for consumers by serving Microsoft's ubiquitous Windows an eviction notice, and the PC is shipped without an OS.

When purchasing a Cumetrix system, however, users can opt for a factory installed Red Hat Linux OS for $30 extra. Some industry observers see this as a trend-setting move.

Salesforce Commerce Solution Guide
Salesforce Commerce Solution Guide
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