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Daily Cybercrime and Security Report

By Courtesy of
Dec 27, 2000 11:38 AM PT

If you do business on the Internet, you cannot afford to be uninformed about the dangers and pitfalls that cybercrime poses. The following is a daily survey of the latest cybercrime news from around the world.

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ZDNET UK: Court Upholds Hacker's Death Sentence
27-Dec-00 07:39:23 ET

Story Highlights:
"A Chinese court has upheld the death sentence for a man who hacked into the computer system of a state bank to steal money, the Financial News reported on Saturday..."

* * *

"Hao Jingwen and his brother Hao Jinglong hacked into the computer network of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and shifted 720,000 yuan into accounts they had opened under false names..."

Full Story on ZDNET UK

Montreal Gazette: Wired World Poses New Challenges
27-Dec-00 05:55:57 ET

Story Highlights:
"As the Internet loses its new-car smell, governments in the United States and abroad are under increasing pressure to tackle the tough issues a wired world presents..."

* * *

"Stephen Trilling of Norton antivirus seller Symantec Corp. expects viruses that can mutate to bypass detection and viruses that will target wireless devices..."

Full Story on Montreal Gazette

Jerusalem Post: Another Casualty In The Internet War
27-Dec-00 04:43:43 ET

Story Highlights:
"Two new Israeli/Jewish sites were hacked today by Arab sources. The Anti-Defamation League site was hacked overnight for several hours until the damage was detected and fixed..."

* * *

"Claiming, 'Global Awareness constitutes everything from email bombs to message board postings to defacements,' the hackers added reports describing, what they called, 'the truth about what is occurring in Palestine...'"

Full Story on Jerusalem Post

CNET Egghead Tight-Lipped About Hack Investigation
26-Dec-00 20:09:45 ET

Story Highlights:
"Four days after hackers broke into, potentially exposing all of the company's 3.7 million customer accounts, the company declined Tuesday to share with customers the results of its ongoing investigation..."

* * *

"Representatives for Egghead and its outside security consultant, Kroll Worldwide, said that while they have continued to gather information about the breach, they have no updates on how hackers were able to break into Egghead's systems or on how many customer accounts were compromised..."

Full Story on CNET

CBS News: A Whole Lotta Fighting
26-Dec-00 18:59:23 ET

Story Highlights:
"First the good news: Civilization did not crumble. America's computer networks did not crash. The year 2000, for all its millennial baggage, slipped by with nary an apocalypse in sight...."

* * *

"The Love Bug virus wreaked havoc on computers across America and elsewhere, spread through an e-mail attachment seductively titled 'ILOVEYOU.' Hackers gleefully engaged in identity theft, penetrated various web sites and even managed to work their unwelcome way into the source code..."

Full Story on CBS News

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