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Universal Music, Motricity Dial '30303' for Mobile Content

By ECT News Staff
Aug 8, 2006 9:55 AM PT

Universal Music Group and mobile software developer Motricity have joined forces to create "30303," a new multimedia service that will allow users to access music, mastertones, photos and other content simply by texting artist-related keywords to 30303 from their cell phones.

Universal Music, Motricity Dial '30303' for Mobile Content

There's "tremendous consumer demand" for mobile music content, he claims.

Emerging Artists to Benefit?

As a general rule, only the most popular artists have been promoted "on-device" up to now.

However, the 30303 shortcodes -- which are relatively easy to remember -- will allow UMG's record labels to create targeted promotions for specific fan groups, and then sell the promoted content through mobile devices.

UMG is "leveraging the mobile channel to provide new artists with increased exposure," said Ryan Wuerch, CEO of Motricity.

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