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Network Security Roundup for November 10, 2003

By Stephanie Losi
Nov 10, 2003 9:58 AM PT

Network Security Roundup for November 10, 2003

TechNewsWorld: Cisco Joins SSL-VPN Push with WebVPN
10-Nov-03 12:11 ET

Story Highlights:
"Continuing a stream of activity surrounding newer, simpler security for remote access to corporate networks, Cisco announced it would support Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology in its widely used VPN 3000 Series concentrators. Cisco's announcement to include the clientless VPN capabilities in addition to the traditional IP Security (IPSec) already used in its network components comes on the heels of a similar combined approach announcement from Nortel."

Full Story on TechNewsWorld White House Rewrites Core Security Policy
10-Nov-03 6:56 ET

Story Highlights:
"The Bush administration is rewriting the document that signalled the start of US government efforts to deal with critical-infrastructure protection and cybersecurity to take into account post-11 September homeland security requirements. The directive, which was signed by the then-president Bill Clinton in 1998, made it the policy of the US government to lead a public/private partnership aimed at eliminating all major vulnerabilities to the nation's critical physical and cyber infrastructures."

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NetworkWorldFusion: Kaspersky Labs Opens Paris Virus Center
10-Nov-03 10:35 ET

Story Highlights:
"Kaspersky Labs, a Moscow developer of data security software, Monday said it has opened a European computer virus center in Paris. The center will focus on real-time monitoring of viruses in Europe and technology research, in collaboration with the company's global research center in the Russian capital."

Full Story on NetworkWorldFusion

SecurityFocus: Ashcroft Takes on Foreign Government Hackers
07-Nov-03 17:16 ET

Story Highlights:
"How seriously does the U.S. government take computer intrusion? Seriously enough for the threat of foreign hacking to take a prominent role in new rules governing the FBI's national security investigations issued by U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft."

Full Story on SecurityFocus

The Register: IP VPN: Compelling Savings - Compelling Performance?
10-Nov-03 8:44 ET

Story Highlights:
"IP-based virtual private networks can offer compelling cost savings compared with leased lines, but how can they deliver enterprise-class security and performance?"

Full Story on The Register

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