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VA Linux Expands SourceForge Online Development

By Matthew W. Beale
Feb 8, 2000 12:00 AM PT

Open-source solutions provider VA Linux Systems announced this week that the Linux-based KDE (K desktop environment) graphical user interface and CMU Sphinx speech recognition system projects have migrated their development efforts to its SourceForge resource site.

VA Linux Expands SourceForge Online Development

KDE and CMU Sphinx will join more than 1,750 other open-source projects that have access to SourceForge's 10,500 registered users and testers. The developer Web site also offers access to resources for development, such as communication and distribution, project management and bug-tracking tools, mailing lists and discussion groups, and Web, FTP and archival server space.

"SourceForge's rich feature set and powerful servers, along with VA Linux Systems' long-running commitment to Open Source projects, made SourceForge the natural choice for future KDE development," commented KDE Developer/Evangelist Kurt Granroth. "By bringing developers together, providing them with the tools to create, communicate and code, and removing system administrative headaches from the process, SourceForge has clearly become the new home for open-source development on the Internet."

Accelerating Development

The SourceForge site, according to VA Linux, is designed to help open-source projects accelerate development and create better software by consolidating development efforts, information and user feedback. The site was launched in early January 2000.

"SourceForge's mission is to provide the best available resources for developers to create, test and distribute state-of-the-art open-source software," said John T. Hall, vice president of services for VA Linux Systems. "The addition of projects such as KDE and CMU Sphinx, along with the hundreds of other open-source projects they join on the site, is indicative of the widespread excitement for SourceForge."

The KDE project, a graphical desktop environment designed for Linux and UNIX workstations, is currently utilizing more than 300 developers for its forthcoming KDE 2.0 release.

"VA Linux is sending a great message by contributing back to the community this way," said CMU Sphinx developer Kevin Lenzo.

About VA Linux

VA Linux recently added significant weight to its development efforts with the high profile acquisition of Andover.Net (Nasdaq: ANDN), a company that owns several Linux and open-source related information sites.

Andover.Net runs a network of open-source and Linux-related Web sites, including the Freshmeat.Net developer site and the community and news site. The deal added significant value to the VA Linux portfolio of market offerings, which include computer systems, software, services and Web-based developer resources.

The Sunnyvale, California-based VA Linux is a provider of open-source software, professional services and technical support. The company owns and operates several open-source Web sites, including and


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