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Stock Watch: IBM Deal Carries iGo

By Andy Wang
Jan 13, 2000 12:00 AM PT

Shares of online retailer iGo (Nasdaq: IGO), which sells accessories for mobile computing devices and cellular phones, rocketed 1-11/16 to 8-11/16 on Wednesday after the company announced a partnership with IBM. iGo will offer users of IBM's ThinkPad and WorkPad users direct access -- via the Internet or telephone -- to purchase computer batteries, adapters, chargers, memory, hard drives, modems and other related products. IBM will provide its customers with links to iGo's offerings.

Stock Watch: IBM Deal Carries iGo

Shares of iGo could be a buy right now, considering that mobile computing/handheld devices is a high-growth area and also that iGo stock is a lot cheaper now than it was not long ago. The company went public at $12 a share in October and traded as high as 26-1/8 before tumbling well below its initial public offering price. On Tuesday, the company said that it expects to report approximately $8 million in net revenue for the fourth quarter of 1999, an approximate 135 percent increase over the $3.4 million reported in the fourth quarter of 1999.

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Has technology made transportation more or less safe?
Traveling by all modes of transportation has become riskier with each passing year.
In general, transportation safety has been improving steadily, despite some failures.
Some modes of transportation have been improving while others have become less safe.
We may have reached a tipping point where more tech means less safety.
Don't blame the tech -- greedy companies haven't done adequate testing.
Government regulators have not been playing a strong enough oversight role.
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