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Mobile Wallets as Credit Card Killers

Google Wallet, bitcoin and other payment systems have spent years trying to oust the credit card as the be-all and end-all of payment methods. Publications and pundits everywhere have been quick to hail new technologies as "credit card-killers," and they're not without justification. As a payment method, the credit card has lost whatever futuristic luster it may have once had. Magnetic stripes wear out, plastic snaps in half, and the incessant manual inputting of 16-digit numbers eventually gets tiresome...


Ephemeral Apps May Have a Place in the Enterprise

One of the hardest-to-decipher trends of the Internet and app world today is what's known as "ephemeral software." Epitomized by popular apps like Snapchat, Frankly and Confide, ephemeral programs revolve around bite-sized, self-destructing user interactions. ...


Mobile Apps, Beacons and the Coming Retail Revival

Internet companies are showing no signs of slowing down when it comes to innovation, specifically in the area of physical retail. ...

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