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Wireless Networking: The Road Ahead

The road ahead for wireless networking promises immense progress -- larger, more extensive networks and access to a diverse set of users via technologies such as WiFi, WiMax and wireless mesh networking ...

Companies Scrambling To Meet SOX Deadline Today

Greg Murphy, CEO of wireless security firm AirWave, which is one company that has been working with corporations to get them into compliance by the deadline, said the law was designed to make companies accountable for the security of the data on their networks. It makes the corporations' management responsible for establishing internal controls to ensure the security of the firm's data...


Wireless Connectivity Becoming BMOC

"Academia is one of the fastest markets adopting wireless technology," Greg Murphy, CEO of Airwave, said. His company provides wireless management services to wireless network operators "It is a perfect fit," he added. Wireless installation is cheaper than the cost of hard wir...

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