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How To Assess if Amazon Is Right for Your Brand

It's no secret that consumers flock to Amazon for their online shopping needs; last year, the e-commerce giant accounted for more than 40 percent of all digital revenue, while overall sales have grown year after year ...


How This Holiday Season Will Be Different for Amazon Sellers in Every Category

The holiday season is big business for e-commerce. Year-over-year metrics show massive gains for online sellers, particularly during the pandemic-fueled 2020, with sales growing a whopping 45 percent compared to 2019 ...


What an Amazon Breakup Would Look Like and Why It’s a Win for Brands

Amazon is on the brink of a possible breakup, and marketers should be ready to seize the opportunity ...


2021 Will Bring Big Changes to Amazon and Its Sellers

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, consumer buying behaviors have changed dramatically and e-commerce is booming. The 2020 holiday season alone saw online sales increase by a whopping 49 percent over the previous year. Meanwhile, eMarketer predicted last June that traditional brick-and-mortar retail sales in 2020 would drop by more than 10 percent...

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