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When It Absolutely Has to Be Accurate, Don’t Trust the Crowd

Computers have become more complex in recent years as demands on systems have continued to increase in size due to the amount of external devices, software, hardware and communication components. Technical professionals are depending more and more on the Internet, a blog or a peer whenever they need to research complex technologies. But in this digital age, when information is just a click away, how do you know what information can be trusted?...

Survey: Internet Plagued by Needle-in-Haystack Syndrome

"The little-discussed fact in today's business world is the widespread lack of access to vetted, accurate information critical to maintain knowledge and skills in the technology workforce, leading to bad business decisions, lost productivity and increased on-the-job stress," said Dennis Kilian, Safari Books Online vice president and learning evangelist. "It is no surprise that a staggering percentage of tech workers admitted to having made bad business decisions due to incorrect, incomplete or contradictory information."

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