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Adobe’s Open Source Tightrope Walk

"Adobe has been strategically pursuing the concepts of open source and open development. Like most companies today, Adobe is a mix of open source and closed source, a hybrid model as it is best known," Dave McAllister, director of open source and accessibility for Adobe, told Linux Insider...

Adobe’s Vanishing Linux Air Support: Personal or Strictly Business?

"While we will no longer be releasing our own versions of Adobe Air and the Air SDK for desktop Linux, we expect that one or more of our partners will do so and that we'll be able to announce this information shortly," Dave McAllister, director of standards and open source at Adobe, told LinuxInsider.


Open Source Development Is Smart Business

It's an interesting question: Why would large, established companies like Adobe and others embrace open source strategies? In some ways, it seems counterproductive. After all, releasing a software application's source code to the community could be viewed as letting an organization's competitive advantage walk out the door. However, as anyone involved in the open source community knows, this shortsighted view fails to acknowledge the true benefits of open source development...

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