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How Mobile Commerce Can Capture In-Store Sales

Three years after Apple launched the iPhone, mobile commerce has reached a tipping point, driving retailers to change the way they think about their businesses. Mobile commerce has evolved from its origins as a marketplace for "virtual" goods like ringtones and applications to one enabling the sale of "real" products, particularly low-cost items that offer immediate gratification.


Understanding the Pre-Shopping ROBO Mentality

The term "ROBO" (Research Online, Buy Offline) was coined by Yahoo to describe the growing number of consumers who research online but buy offline. Online "pre-shopping" has become a common activity prior to a variety of purchases. According to Forrester, online research will influence US$1 trillion in offline sales by 2012, making it imperative that retailers understand the full impact that their online presence -- as well as those of their competitors -- may have on consumer in-store behavior.


The Next Wave of E-Tail: Considered Commerce

The products that fueled first-generation e-commerce -- books, software and music, to name a few -- are all simple to understand items that can be easily shipped to consumers. ... Returns from Dot-Com Graveyard president Carl Prindle, who was executive vice president of the original company, told the E-Commerce Times that the brick-and-click features of the new site will set it apart from its first incarnation and will produce different results. "The main difference is...

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