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Independent Research and Reports

ECT News Network and Information Technology Intelligence firm ITIC Corp provide independent survey results and reports to help businesses of all sizes make knowledgeable IT planning and purchasing decisions. Downloads free with registration.

2012-2013 BYOD Deployment and Usage Trends Survey [NEW]
Survey polled 550 companies in the summer and fall of 2012. Learn how many firms have specific policies in place to deal with BYOD deployments, and much more. Includes Execeutive Summary and detailed graphs. Download.

Windows 8 Deployment Trends Survey [NEW]
September 2012 survey polled 500+ customers on business and technical issues that would speed or impede a Windows 8 migration. Respondents are SMBs, mid-sized and large enterprises; 85% from North America. Download.

2012 Apple Enterprise Deployment and Usage Trends Survey [NEW]
ITIC conducted several independent Web-based surveys on Apple consumer and enterprise usage from 2008 to 2012. Apple had no influence or input on survey results. The 2012 results are now available in this report. Download.

Windows 7 Deployment Survey Results
Corporations voiced concerns about potential application & driver compatibilities; high cost of upgrades and the fact that their current Windows XP or Vista environments are fine. A few mentioned a preference for Macs or Linux. Download.

CRM Deployment Trends Surveys 2011 & 2012
Web-based survey of 200+ respondents in May 2011; repeated in December/January 2012 with 350+ respondents. SMBs and SMEs and all vertical segments were represented. 95% from North America. Download.

Server Hardware and Database Reliability, Performance Survey Results
More than 30 data charts rate satisfaction with technical service, support and product warranties of server hardware vendors, and much more. Download.

2011-2012 Virtualization High Availability and Cloud Trends Survey Report
400+ respondents from 23 countries include 80% from North America that are nearly equally divided among SMBs, mid-sized and large enterprises. Download.

2011-2012 Global Server Reliability Survey Data
Learn which server hardware platforms, server OSes and underlying processor technologies continue to improve, and which do not. 400+ global businesses polled. Download.

2011 Global Server Hardware, Server OS Reliability Report
Report highlights the most reliable server hardware, server OS platforms, complexities and new technologies. Data from 400+ C-Level Execs and IT Managers; recommendations for corporate customers. Download.