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The Business Case for Windows Server 2003, Part 1
April 24, 2003
After much waiting and ample fanfare, Microsoft finally is launching its Windows Server 2003 platform -- and it may be the company's best-ever operating system, according to Forrester analyst Rob Enderle. "If it weren't for the economy, this thing would likely set sales records," he told the E-Commerce Times.
Whatever Happened to the Recovery?
April 23, 2003
We should have been basking in the dawn of recovery by now, according to some pundits, aglow with relief that the downturn was over at last. Yet, the chances of imminent recovery seem slim. Why are we still waiting for the upturn?
Best Databases for Small Businesses
April 22, 2003
Database vendors are working hard to tailor their products to appeal to the low end of the market. So, what are the key selling points for small businesses that are database shopping?
Has Intel Peaked?
April 21, 2003
Intel faces a tough environment, marked by renewed competition from rivals AMD and Transmeta, sluggish sales of PCs, and skyrocketing Pentium speeds for which no mortal can find a use. With the tech world focused on buying less costly gear, is the world's foremost chipmaker in the twilight of its reign?
How Online Tax Sites Stacked Up in 2003
April 18, 2003
Last-minute panic drove millions of taxpayers onto the Web this year, driving traffic to several sites that process tax returns. And despite the massive spike in visitor numbers, top sites performed well, delivering pages in a timely fashion and staying available almost around the clock.
Can eBay Keep Setting the Pace?
April 17, 2003
Auction giant eBay has set the pace for a host of imitators and wannabes, but as it keeps expanding and launching new initiatives, the company risks losing the quickness of action that initially elevated it above competitors. How large can the company become before it must confront the playground law of "the bigger they come, the harder they fall"?
Who's Afraid of Internet Sales Tax?
April 16, 2003
Early this year, a half-dozen major multichannel retailers, including Toys "R" Us, Wal-Mart and Target, began collecting sales tax on online purchases. The transition came quietly, without much fanfare and, so far at least, without much fallout. Will this promising trend continue in the future?
Google's Brave New World
April 15, 2003
In the past two years, Google has inked revenue-generating deals with almost every major player on the Internet, stepped up efforts to secure the lion's share of Internet advertising dollars, and tested the waters in the news and e-commerce sectors. Where are these ventures taking Google, and where is Google taking the Internet?
Does Apple Still Need Microsoft?
April 14, 2003
Nearly six years have passed since Microsoft agreed to invest $150 million in Apple Computer and continue developing Mac versions of its Office application suite. After the agreement between the two companies expired in August 2002, a new pact was not signed. Is Apple seeking independence from the Redmond, Washington-based superpower?
Data Storage Hurdles - And How To Leap Them
April 11, 2003
As a CIO or IT manager tasked with implementing a storage area network, you can start out simply -- but to build a reliable SAN and integrate it properly with the workflow of an entire enterprise network, be prepared to do a lot of hard work. What are the highest data storage hurdles -- and how can an enterprise leap them and hit the ground running?
What Windows Server 2003 Will Mean for IT
April 10, 2003
This month's release of Microsoft's Windows Server 2003 will be welcome news for some enterprise players, such as in-house application developers and perhaps some Internet service providers. For others, it will be like walking the plank: They may not want to go forward, but they will be unable to go back -- or even maintain the status quo.
What To Expect When You're Expanding - Again
April 9, 2003
After three years of dealing with slow economies, global uncertainty and layoffs, some firms may worry that their expansion muscles have turned to flab, even as an economic recovery may be on the horizon. So, what do companies need to know about returning to growth mode after a period of dormancy or outright decline?
The Big Business of Network Switches
April 8, 2003
Hard-to-visualize functionality, complex feature descriptions, an invisible presence in the network, and boring names, taken together, sum up why the enterprise Ethernet switching market does not get the attention it deserves. But Ethernet switching is big business. What do IT execs need to know about this multibillion-dollar market?
Do Online Stores Really Need Free Shipping?
April 7, 2003
After the dot-com bubble burst, it seemed that deep discounts and other e-shopping incentives were history. But in January 2002, brought free shipping back to the table -- and several of its competitors followed suit. Do e-tailers need to offer free shipping, or is it merely a drag on the bottom line?
The Case of Amazon's Newest Patent Battle
April 4, 2003 has filed for a patent involving online advertising, stoking the ire of many industry watchers, who are questioning whether this concept originated with Amazon. Is there anything to Amazon's claim, or is this another instance of the company patenting the obvious, as it did with affiliate programs and one-click ordering?
Safeguarding Your Corporate Data
April 3, 2003
Just as important as backing up your most valuable documents is ensuring they are not zapped by a malicious virus, consumed by fire or accidentally erased. So far, though, most vendors that sell storage products to the Fortune 500 have had little or nothing to say -- let alone sell -- when it comes to securing data in this networked age.
Who's Making Money from Linux?
April 2, 2003
You hear it all the time: "You can't make money off free software." Actually, companies are making quite a bit of money from free software. IBM and HP, for example, have reaped billions of dollars in revenue from Linux. But what about pure-play Linux companies?
Did PayPal Kill Online Payment Systems?
April 1, 2003
Without a doubt, PayPal dominates the online payment space. Even so, however, there are signs that some companies still see plenty of opportunities in certain subsectors of this industry. Could they succeed, or has PayPal so dominated the market that would-be startups are destined to failure?
Top Servers for Boosting E-Business
March 31, 2003
Because of intense competition in the e-business server marketplace, the best technologies may change rapidly. Even amid this upheaval, however, analysts can point to star products -- servers that might give their purchaser a slight competitive edge. What are these standout offerings, and what makes them so good?
The Black Hole of White-Box Workstations
March 28, 2003
Despite a lack of promotion and low to zero name recognition, it is becoming clear that vendors of white-box (unbranded) machines are an important part of the personal computer ecosystem. What does the murky world of white-box systems hold for would-be buyers?
Web Services Get Practical
March 26, 2003
The hype surrounding Web services, a technology that many once thought was destined to revive the Internet economy, has faded. But believers say this is still a true disruptive technology, one that will change the way enterprises interact with customers and with each other.
High-Tech After Chapter 11
March 25, 2003
Chapter 11 of the bankruptcy code is specifically geared toward extending and reorganizing a company's resources, not dispersing them. How can high-tech best make use of Chapter 11? Which types of businesses are likely to succeed or fail in such a reorganization attempt?
AMD's Next Move
March 24, 2003
AMD entered 2003 with more to lose than ever before -- including a healthy market share in the desktop and notebook chip markets. Now, the company plans a slew of new product releases that could sway its fortunes for good or ill. Will AMD rise above the challenges that face it to emerge stronger than ever, or will it stumble and fall behind?
Betting on Linux for Business
March 21, 2003
Lured by promises of increased security, lower costs or simply the chance to align themselves with a company other than Microsoft, many enterprises are turning to Linux systems. But choosing Linux still puts an enterprise in a minority, albeit a fast-growing one. How can companies be sure they are making the best choice?
Data Storage Bubble Showing Cracks?
March 20, 2003
Amid an overall high-tech slump, the unglamorous yet vital data storage sector has fared strikingly well. Recently, though, a prominent name in the field, StorageNetworks, aired bad news: Two board members had resigned in the wake of a revised business plan and the elimination of 80 jobs. Do StorageNetworks' woes foreshadow a sector-wide problem?
EBay's Secret Weapon
March 19, 2003
PayPal is the de facto market leader in the person-to-small business payment universe, but change is in the air. Since eBay purchased it in 2002, PayPal has become a revenue unit of the world's most successful e-commerce venture -- eBay's secret weapon, as it were. But is this weapon double-edged?
Hunting Down the SMBs
March 18, 2003
Big enterprises are obvious sales targets for technology vendors. Landing a big installation that affects thousands of workers is like hitting a home run. But in the current economic climate, another strategy -- the one-base-at-a-time approach -- is needed. Is the small and medium business (SMB) sector the new promised land?
IT Security on a Shoestring Budget
March 17, 2003
No company wants to see its name in lights in connection with a computer break-in. But neither do companies have countless billions to spend on security measures. Fortunately, a level-headed middle-ground approach can set a company on the right path without breaking the bank.
New and Improved Guerrilla Marketing Tactics for High Tech
March 14, 2003
Some of the biggest names in technology -- including Amazon, Google and Yahoo! -- share something in common: At least at first, they grew to become household names with little, if any, help from traditional advertising. So, how can companies follow in the footsteps of these giants?
Blueprint for Implementing Web Services
March 13, 2003
Web services is arguably the most important IT initiative of our time. But the path to Web services nirvana is vague, even baffling, and most companies fall into the camp of beginners. How can an enterprise get started with Web services?
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