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Inside Oracle's High-Stakes PeopleSoft Grab
June 9, 2003
Oracle's high-stakes bid for PeopleSoft, announced late last week, seemed to come out of nowhere. In a surprisingly blunt statement, PeopleSoft president and CEO Craig Conway called Oracle's actions "atrociously bad behavior from a company with a history of atrociously bad behavior." What is really behind Oracle's sudden takeover move?
Is Broadband Really Changing E-Business?
June 5, 2003
A new report by Technology Futures of Austin, Texas, states that in 2003, the proportion of American households using broadband will surpass 20 percent. At this crucial juncture in the evolution of the Internet, it might be worth reminding lawmakers who are trying to jump-start the economy how much increased broadband adoption could do for e-business.
What WebSphere Means for Your Business
June 4, 2003
IBM now is reaching out to small businesses with a scaled-down version of its e-business application development product, called WebSphere Express. These companies' first question is likely to be, "What is WebSphere, anyway, and what can it do for me?"
And the E-Business Idol Is...
June 3, 2003
Although Ruben Studdard has officially won the American Idol title, edging out Clay Aiken by a razor-thin margin, the search for America's e-business idol is still under way -- and industry observers seem as split over the contenders as the voting public was over the contestants on the top-rated TV talent show.
Is Cybersquatting Killing E-Business?
June 2, 2003
Although cybersquatters' numbers have diminished -- along with their profits -- these domain-name vultures are still in the wild, and companies that hope to maintain their good name on the Net must stay vigilant and organized to keep them at bay. What are some of the best strategies to stop cybersquatters in their tracks?
Supersizing the Supply Chain - And Minimizing Costs
May 30, 2003
In recent years, supply chain management applications have morphed from small, individual programs designed to fix specific problems into huge suites installed over time like so many Legos. Why has this occurred, and what does it mean for the future of supply chain management software?
Bite-Size Licensing for Small Businesses
May 29, 2003
For a time during the boom era, small businesses would jump up and down, money in hand, trying to catch the attention of software vendors, only to see those vendors choose to do business with larger, stronger, deeper-pocketed enterprises. However, the pendulum has swung in a different direction.
The New E-Brokerage Idols
May 28, 2003
In some industries, it is easy to tell who is at the top of the heap. The office software realm has Microsoft, the beer world has Budweiser, and for much of the cola-loving planet, Coke is it. Among online brokerages, however, crowning a king is not so simple. Potential candidates have strengths and identities as varied as those of the recent American Idol finalists.
Is Global Linux IBM's Holy Grail?
May 27, 2003
While the Microsoft vs. Linux debate rages in boardroom meetings and around IT water coolers, IBM has chosen sides already. Although Big Blue maintains a friendly rapport with Microsoft, its efforts in touting Linux worldwide have shown that the company is strolling down the aisle hand-in-hand with the Linux penguin. Is this marriage built to last?
The New Face of B2B E-Commerce
May 22, 2003
At the peak of the business-to-business boom, there were more than 2,000 B2B exchanges, according to eMarketer senior analyst Steve Butler. However, most of them did not survive the subsequent bust. In fact, insiders are predicting that when the shakeout is over, only about 180 will be left standing. Which ones will survive, and why?
How Secure Is Windows Server 2003?
May 21, 2003
By all indications, Windows Server 2003 is engineered to be more secure than earlier versions. Microsoft has added several new features to boost security, and it has turned off many other features by default. Will this dual approach help squelch the security problems that have plagued Windows for decades, or does Microsoft still have miles to go?
Dell to HP: Catch Me If You Can
May 20, 2003
When HP merged with Compaq just over a year ago, the combined company surpassed Dell in PC sales -- but with continued yearly growth rates of more than 20 percent, Dell had regained the top spot by the first quarter of 2003. However, HP vice president Jim McDonnell told the E-Commerce Times that the new HP has no plans to back down.
Web Site Performance Superstars
May 19, 2003
It is little wonder that IT departments are focused on speeding up Web page load times, when a quick response can make the difference between a satisfied shopper and a lost customer, but how can content-heavy sites achieve this goal? What differentiates the performance superstars from the sadly sluggish?
Are Affiliates All Washed Up?
May 16, 2003
In the past, many online affiliate programs were structured so that the house always won, and minor players were left with empty pockets. In the post-bubble era, affiliate marketing's image may be a bit tarnished, but some say the concept should not be dismissed as a relic of a past era. Is affiliate marketing still a viable concept?
Blueprint for Building a Viable B2B Site
May 15, 2003
Despite scant publicity in recent years, B2B is quietly trucking along. The only difference between the vision of yesteryear and the reality of today is that instead of a few massive hubs, the Web is home to scores of smaller sites where businesses can trade their wares. So, what is the best way for aspiring B2B exchange founders to go about building such a site?
Sales-Boosting Strategies for Tough E-Tail Times
May 14, 2003
Despite the tough economy and the now-predictable cycle of consumerism -- with low-revenue valleys that lie between peak shopping periods -- some e-tailers are rebelling against convention and trying to bring in shoppers during slow times. What are the best strategies for reeling in reluctant buyers?
Secrets of Internet Sales Tax
May 13, 2003
In recent months, a few large e-tailers, including and, started charging sales tax on purchases made through their sites. If more e-businesses hop on the bandwagon in coming months, the trickle may become a trend. The big question is whether or not e-tailers are ready for the legal labyrinth that awaits them.
E-Business Startup Success Strategies
May 12, 2003
Just a few years ago, getting an e-business off the ground was as easy as drawing up a business plan and finding the venture capital to fund it. Those days, to put it mildly, are over. But this does not mean businesses that rely on the Web are no longer sprouting. What are some success strategies for tough times -- and how well do they really work?
Is M-Commerce Dead and Buried?
May 9, 2003
Back in early 2000, mobile commerce seemed to have sky-high potential. Needless to say, almost none of the hype surrounding this technology bore fruit in reality. Is m-commerce dead -- or is it just a sleeping giant whose time has yet to come?
Is Internet Security Killing E-Business?
May 8, 2003
Thanks to millions of dollars in investments on the merchant end and widespread upgrades to broadband by consumers, e-commerce has begun to move at a faster pace. Still, transactions can bog down, especially over dial-up connections, and security remains one of the biggest impediments to speedier transfers. How long is too long to wait?
The Bottom Line of the New Browser Wars
May 7, 2003
Even though Microsoft seems to have won the browser wars decisively, some interesting new offerings have emerged recently, produced by tiny startups, open-source projects and even titans like Apple. Could these programs reignite competition and force Microsoft to speed up its own pace of browser innovation?
Finding the Sweet Spot for Enterprise Storage Spending
May 6, 2003
In this tight economy, data managers no longer have a blank check when it comes to managing their company's enterprise storage, yet data needs continue to expand. How can enterprises do more with less? More to the point, how can companies walk that fine line between spending too much or too little?
Who Will Win the Mother's Day Race?
May 5, 2003
Thanks to dutiful sons and daughters, the approach of Mother's Day has become highly visible online, with a profusion of flowers, candy and other tokens of esteem displayed. It is harder to predict, however, which e-tailer will come out ahead in the race to win the affection of online shoppers.
Is Apple the Next Music Titan?
May 2, 2003
Will Apple's new iTunes Music Store catapult the company toward primacy within the music industry, redefining its identity as an entertainment giant rather than a niche computing company? Or is the company just innovating as usual, content to stay within its own niche universe?
The HP-Compaq Merger One-Year Checkup
May 1, 2003
At the one-year mark of the giant HP-Compaq merger, the combined company appears to be doing better than expected, Forrester analyst Rob Enderle told the E-Commerce Times. But even though the merger gets a mostly clean bill of health, its long-term success is not yet assured. Where does HP stand right now -- and how far does it still have to go?
Behind the Scenes with Akamai
April 30, 2003
Onetime Internet darling Akamai's stock hit a 52-week high Tuesday -- at $2.75 per share. However, even though Akamai's sizzle has cooled, the evolving infrastructure of the Internet suggests there is still room for companies that can make the Web work better.
The Secret of IBM's Staggering Success
April 30, 2003
As many IT shops refrain from buying new PCs, tech giants are feeling the heat. Not all companies are sweating, however. Though HP's stock price seems stalled at $16, IBM's is sailing along at $86. What is the secret of Big Blue's success in a tough economic climate?
Is AOL's Anti-Spam Campaign Working?
April 29, 2003
Spammers, perhaps the most hated denizens of the Internet, are under siege as the U.S. Congress and courts step up the pressure to reduce junk e-mail volume. Private companies are taking action, too: AOL announced on April 15th that it was filing lawsuits against five individual senders of unsolicited e-mail. Will AOL's new anti-spam efforts work?
Hidden Costs of Building an E-Commerce Site
April 28, 2003
On the road to launching a new e-business Web site, all companies budget for obvious costs -- planning, designing, registering and hosting the site -- but if you are not careful, hidden expenses could overwhelm you on the journey. Would-be e-commerce site owners can avoid a lot of surprises by doing just a little bit of homework.
The Business Case for Windows Server 2003, Part 2
April 25, 2003
On the whole, Windows Server 2003 is solid, stable and offers useful features, analysts say. But "that doesn't mean there's a business case to go out there and muck around with [your company's] operating system," Gartner analyst Tom Bittman told the E-Commerce Times. When is the right time to take the Windows 2003 plunge?
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