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Savings in the Unlikeliest of Places: Accounts Payable
November 26, 2012
Accounts payable has been one of the last bastions of paper processing in many organizations, but now businesses are looking for efficiencies and money-saving opportunities anywhere they can be found. When the bottom line needs to grow -- even when the top line isn't growing -- many businesses choose to use automation and analysis in procurement and finance to find and take advantage of these opportunities.
Preventing a BYOD Free-for-All
November 19, 2012
The growing acceptance of bring-your-own-device use in the enterprise comes with promise and perils. Allowing users to own and maintain and work on computing and mobile devices of their choosing is starting to make sense for more organizations. The experiences of one company, Quest Software, which has begun supporting BYOD with the full blessing of IT, serve as an example.
Security Policy Begins With 'Can It Happen Here?'
November 12, 2012
For a Fortune 100 company such as Liberty Mutual Insurance, security involves much more than preventing hacks and phishing attacks. The introduction of personal devices has created an array of new potential attack vectors. Security must now be introduced at the conception of a project, not as an afterthought. It needs to start with the board and work its way through the organization to every employee.
After the Breach: Culture of Honesty Restores Confidence
November 5, 2012
The culture of security -- and the openness and responsiveness that make security systems work properly -- can have a huge beneficial impact on organizations. This is illustrated by the example of Heartland Payment Systems, which moved rapidly after allowing a massive security breach.
The Enduring Relevance of SOA
October 29, 2012
There's been a resurgent role of service-oriented architecture as a practical and relevant ingredient for effective design and use of cloud, mobile and big-data technologies. The concept of "architecture is destiny," especially when it comes to hybrid services delivery and management, has become popular.
Virtualization Lets Little Bank Play on Big-Bank Turf
October 22, 2012
Server virtualization can set the stage for private-cloud benefits for any company that wants to prevent hardware issues from interfering with operations. Combining several virtual machines onto one piece of hardware can maximize CPU usage and efficiency, especially in an environment that uses different operating systems under one umbrella.
Stopping the PhD Cybercriminal
October 15, 2012
The concept of intelligent containment of risk is an important approach to overall IT security. In today's environment, rapid and proactive containment of problems and breaches -- in addition to just trying to keep the bad guys out of your systems -- makes sense. To find out what other approaches to data security are gaining traction, listen to today's podcast featuring Kaivan Rahbari, senior vice president of risk management at FIS Global.
The Faster, Cheaper Help Desk in the Cloud
October 8, 2012
One of the trends emerging in the cloud computing space is taking on IT service desk and incident management functions "as a service." A common data architecture and fast delivery benefits combine to improve efficiency, cost and results for IT support end users. For example, intelligent energy-management solutions provider Comverge has extended its use of into a self-service enabled service desk capability using BMC's Remedyforce.
Automating Complexity Out, Efficiency In
October 1, 2012
Cloud infrastructure and hosted IT services provider Savvis has been able to automate out complexity and add deep efficiency to its operations using a range of performance, operations orchestration and Business Service Automation solutions from HP. Savvis has improved its incident resolution and sped the delivery of new cloud services to its enterprise clients.
'Need it Here, Need It Now' Drives Capital Markets in the Cloud
September 24, 2012
As an early adopter of innovative cloud delivery and a groundbreaking cloud business model, we decided to go back and see how things have progressed at NYSE. We will learn now, a year on, how NYSE's specialized cloud offerings have matured, how the business of the financial services industry has received them, and explore how providing cloud services as a business has evolved.
Software, Not Hardware, Defines the Data Center
September 17, 2012
In advance of the VMworld conference in San Francisco, Dana Gardner sat down with Steve Herrod, Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President of Research & Development at VMware. Their discussion hinges on the intriguing concept of the software-defined datacenter. We look at how some of the most important attributes of datacenter capabilities and performance are now squarely under the domain of software enablement.
Data Availability Challenges in the Age of Server Virtualization
September 10, 2012
Today, we'll examine how the era of major portions of servers now being virtualized, has provided an on-ramp to attaining data lifecycle benefits and efficiencies. And at the same time, these advances are helping to manage complex data environments that consist of both physical and virtual systems.
An Intrepid Expedition Into the Wilds of Virtualization
August 27, 2012
The latest BriefingsDirect end-user case study uncovers how outerwear and sportswear maker and distributor Columbia Sportswear has used virtualization techniques and benefits to significantly improve its business operations. We'll see how Columbia Sportswear's use of deep virtualization assisted in rationalizing its platforms and data center.
Big Data and the Deep Blue Sea
August 20, 2012
A fascinating global ocean studies initiative helps best define some of the IT superlatives around big data, cloud computing and middleware integration capabilities. The Ocean Observatories Initiative and its accompanying Cyberinfrastructure Program aims to provide an unprecedented ability to study the Earth's oceans and climate using myriad distributed data centers and literally oceans' worth of data.
The Cloud: It's Not Just a Technology - It's a Catalyst
August 13, 2012
"The word 'cloud' gets thrown around a lot, but when I drill into the topic, I find that customers are really talking about services and integrating different services, whether they are on-premises, in the public cloud arena, or even that gray land, which is called 'outsourcing,'" said HP's Paul Muller.
Hybrid Service Has Its Head in the Cloud but Keeps Its Feet on the Ground
August 6, 2012
The traditional understanding of cloud computing as segments of infrastructure services has undergone changes. "The converged cloud is really about three things for us," said HP's Paul Muller. "The first is having greater levels of choice. The key point ... is that you can't afford to live in the world of 'it's just public; it's just private; or I can ignore my traditional investments and infrastructure.'"
Forging Trust Within the Supply Chain
July 30, 2012
Let's examine the latest efforts to make global supply chains for technology providers more secure, verified, and therefore trusted. We'll examine the advancement of The Open Group Trusted Technology Forum to gain an update on the effort's achievements and to learn more about how technology suppliers and buyers can expect to benefit.
A New Day for ID Management
July 23, 2012
Let's examine the relationship between controlled digital identities in cyber risk management. Our panel will explore how the technical and legal support of ID management best practices have been advancing rapidly. And we'll see how individuals and organizations can better protect themselves through better understanding and managing of their online identities.
The Cloud: Aggressive Adoption, Accretive Benefits
July 16, 2012
Many organizations have gleaned huge benefits from high degrees of virtualization and aggressive cloud computing adoption. Revlon and SAP are two companies that recently participated in a VMware-organized media roundtable event in San Francisco. The event, attended by industry analysts and journalists, demonstrated how mission-critical applications are transforming businesses.
Making IT Problems Solve Themselves
July 9, 2012
IT must do whatever it takes to make businesses lean, agile and intelligent. Modern support services, then, also need to be able to empower workers and IT personnel to maintain peak control of systems and to keep the applications, data and processes performing reliably at lowest cost.
TOGAF and DoDAF: Enterprise Architecture's Power Couple
July 2, 2012
How are governments using various frameworks to improve their architectural planning and IT implementations? Chris Armstrong, president of Armstrong Process Group, is here to help examine this question. He'll be one of the main speakers at The Open Group Conference in Washington, D.C., which begins July 16 and will focus on enterprise architecture, enterprise transformation and securing global supply chains.
Google Flexes Nexus' Tablet Muscles
June 30, 2012
Everyone in the tech world now suddenly wants to make their own hardware. Apple's been doing it for years, but Microsoft jumped on recently with the Surface tablet, and now Google's sort of making its own tablet too. I say "sort of" because the new Nexus 7 tablet isn't really made by Google. Like everything else in the Nexus line, it's made by a name-brand hardware builder -- in this case Asus.
The Supply Chain's Weak Cybersecurity Links
June 25, 2012
Joel Brenner is the author of America the Vulnerable: Inside the New Threat Matrix of Digital Espionage, Crime and Warfare. He's also one of the main speakers at The Open Group Conference in Washington, D.C., which begins July 16. Joel is a former senior counsel at the National Security Agency, where he advised on legal and policy issues relating to network security.
Microsoft Gives Hardware Partners Some Hard Knocks
June 23, 2012
Microsoft's slow crawl to the tablet market is nearly at an end. It's designed the interface of its next operating system, Windows 8, to be easy to use on tablets as well as desktops. It's created a special version, Windows 8 RT, especially for mobile ARM-based devices. It's even shoved out multiple free preview versions of the upcoming OS.
Will iPad Scratch the Surface, or Vice Versa?
June 20, 2012
Despite Android device makers' best efforts, Apple has ruled the tablet market for years with its iPad line. But one of the company's oldest rivals will soon come knocking, and this week it showed off just how it plans to enter the tablet scene. Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system will be built with tablets in mind -- that much has been known for many months.
The Infinitely Agile Cloud
June 18, 2012
Seven Corners, a travel insurance provider in Indiana, has created and implemented an agile and revenue-generating approach to cloud services. Seven Corners went beyond the typical efficiency and cost conservation benefits of cloud to build innovative business services that generate whole new revenue streams.
Data Management: The Next Generation
June 11, 2012
Businesses clearly need a better approach to their data recovery capabilities -- across both their physical and virtualized environments. The current landscape for data management, backup and disaster recovery too often ignores the transition from physical to virtualized environments and sidesteps the heightened real-time role that data now plays in the enterprise.
Keeping Your Head Above Churning IT Waters
May 29, 2012
The upcoming HP Discover 2012 conference in Las Vegas is both an exclamation point on the current enterprise IT climate of change as well as a neon signpost for HP's strategy and direction. Why is IT is at a crossroads? How is the very nature of IT being redefined as a result of large and global trends?
The Networked Economy
May 21, 2012
Mediafly is a startup company that delivers cloud-based applications for content management and distribution on mobile devices for Fortune 500 companies. Through the Ariba Network, Mediafly gained insight and control over its cash flow and found new means of managing capital and in aiding its ability to support ongoing operations, as well as to drive future growth.
Security and the Cloud: The Great Reconciliation
May 14, 2012
It now falls to CIOs not only to rapidly adapt to cloud computing, but also to find the ways to protect their employees and customers as they adopt cloud models, even as security threats grow. This is a serious -- but not insurmountable -- challenge. Cloud computing has clearly sparked the imagination of business leaders, who see it as a powerful new way to be innovative and gain first-mover advantages.
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