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The Newest Front in the Anti-Spam Wars
September 5, 2003
The latest spam-fighting tactic, called challenge-response, requires an e-mailer to verify his or her identity before being added to a "white list" that enables him or her to send e-mail unrestricted in the future. However, some anti-spam advocates have reservations about the technique. Are their concerns justified, or is challenge-response the next big spam killer?
Web Performance Metrics That Matter - Part 2
September 4, 2003
In part 1 of this two-part article, the E-Commerce Times focused on Web metrics in general, and how they can boost a company's bottom line. In part two, we look at how one specific company -- Eddie Bauer, which has topped the Keynote Web performance rankings for three weeks straight -- has used Web performance metrics to its advantage.
Amazon, eBay, Microsoft Ally To Fight ID Theft
September 3, 2003
EBay, and Microsoft are among a group of companies that will work together to fight online identity theft by educating the public about risks. The coalition is being shepherded into existence by the Information Technology Association of America (ITAA).
Web Performance Metrics That Matter
September 3, 2003
As recently as the late 1990s, a simple counter provided the only metric most Web site operators were interested in -- how many people were visiting their sites. However, as e-commerce has matured and evolved, so has Web performance measurement. What metrics should companies be measuring -- and how can they take action on their findings to boost the bottom line?
IBM Outpaces Sun, HP as Server Sales Stop Skid
August 29, 2003
Fueled by sales of Intel-based computers and Linux machines, IBM has reclaimed the lead in the worldwide server market, ousting Hewlett-Packard from the top spot and extending its lead over onetime leader Sun, according to new data from research firm IDC.
The Death of Dial-Up
August 29, 2003
Although the United States is still largely a dial-up country, it seems inevitable that dial-up will give way to faster DSL and cable technologies as time passes. Implications of this shift are significant for independent ISPs, which may have a tough time surviving in a broadband-based environment. Are we witnessing the slow death of dial-up?
E-Commerce vs. T-Commerce: Who Will Buy?
August 27, 2003
Even as annual e-commerce sales storm past the $45 billion mark, according to U.S. Census Department figures, companies engaged in an older form of selling soldier on, using TVs and telephones to communicate with potential customers. Has the recent e-commerce surge harmed television-based selling, also known as t-commerce?
Amazon Sues Spam Spoofers
August 26, 2003 has sued 11 entities in the United States and Canada for forging its domain name in their e-mail spam messages. The lawsuits seek millions of dollars in punitive damages. "Amazon needs to untarnish its name and let the public know, 'That's not us,'" Gartner research director Maurene Grey told the E-Commerce Times.
What's Next for Motorola?
August 26, 2003
To say that Motorola has had a turbulent recent history is something of an understatement. There still seems to be a long road ahead, yet within the company's walls, optimism is rampant. The E-Commerce Times talked about the future with Rob Shaddock, vice president and general manager for Motorola's PCS unit.
Sun in the Spotlight
August 26, 2003
Following a disastrous quarter in which financial results fell far short of analysts' expectations, Sun is trying to rebound from its slump. The company is pinning its hopes on several projects, but will its blade servers, low-end servers and open-source Project Mad Hatter help it bounce back and shine brightly?
Intel Ups Forecast But Stays Mum on Recovery
August 25, 2003
Leading chipmaker and technology bellwether Intel has announced business is improving ahead of schedule, putting it on track to post strong quarterly results that could surpass earlier expectations.
The Role of Content-Based Advertising
August 25, 2003
The most recent development in the online advertising arena is called "content-based advertising," in which search engines serve advertisers' listings to publishers of specialty content on targeted Web pages. How large a role will this form of advertising play in the future?
Untangling the Web of Hosting Providers
August 23, 2003
At the height of the e-commerce craze, when hundreds of new businesses were going online every week, startups typically overbought Web hosting services. However, in today's changed e-commerce environment, companies are desperately seeking ROI, not bells and whistles. How can a company choose the best Web hosting provider for its needs?
U.S.: Robust Q2 E-Commerce Sets New Milestone
August 22, 2003
E-commerce posted strong double-digit growth in the second quarter, bringing in $12.477 billion total in the United States, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. The bureau said sales rose 27.8 percent from the second quarter of 2002. By comparison, overall retail sales grew less than 5 percent.
Marching to a Different DRM
August 21, 2003
With the RIAA suing its own customers in an effort to stop rampant music piracy, the industry is in crisis. Enter DRM, or digital rights management, which is designed to limit what customers can do with the digital content they purchase. Will DRM catch on and put an end to the piracy wars, or is a different approach needed?
EDS Wins HUD Contract Worth $860M
August 19, 2003
Electronic Data Systems (EDS), blasted last fall when its stock entered a free-fall from $40 to $10 per share, continues to show signs of recovery, announcing it has been awarded a multiyear contract by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The contract could be worth as much as $860 million.
Why Google Is Not the Next Microsoft
August 18, 2003
No longer a startup with a bright future, Google has become the search engine to beat. However, even those who say the company is likely to dominate the search marketplace for the foreseeable future believe it never will be the same sort of monopolistic power as Microsoft. What differentiates Google from the oft-vilified software giant?
High-Stakes Showdown: E-Mail Marketing vs. Spam
August 12, 2003
E-mail marketing remains one of the most cost-effective ways to deliver long-term profitability for the online channel, but its existence could be at risk if the flood of spam is not brought under control, according to executives at the eTail2003 conference in Boston, where E-Commerce Times reporter Keith Regan is in attendance.
Customer Conversion in Spotlight at eTail2003 Conference
August 12, 2003
The e-commerce landscape may have changed dramatically in recent years, but both pure-play e-tailers and multichannel retailers are still focused on finding ways to convert more surfers to buyers, according to keynote addresses and interviews at the eTail2003 conference, where E-Commerce Times reporter Keith Regan is on the scene.
Yahoo Concedes Down-Under Auction Market to eBay
August 8, 2003
Marking the end of an overseas battle between Internet heavyweights, Yahoo has announced plans to shutter its Australian auction site and direct users to rival eBay. The company said it will close the site, known as, later this month.
Dynamic Pricing for E-Commerce
August 6, 2003
The ability to change prices in the blink of an eye, instantly responding to market fluctuations, seems as if it would be an attractive tactic to online retailers. However, so-called dynamic pricing has not caught on yet in the e-commerce world. What is stopping dynamic pricing from gaining a foothold in the sector?
The Future of Human Knowledge: The Semantic Web
July 28, 2003
Under an interdisciplinary project collectively known as the Semantic Web, computer scientists around the world are working on ways to revolutionize the Internet. The researchers -- from Europe, Asia and the United States -- are developing standards, protocols and technologies that will advance the development of a more meaning-oriented Web.
The State of European E-Commerce
July 26, 2003
Recently, a new value-added tax (VAT) law was enacted to level the playing field between Europe-based and U.S.-based companies in the European e-commerce market. How will the new rules affect U.S.-based companies trying to establish or keep a foothold in the European e-commerce game?
Macromedia Flash - The Bottom Line
July 24, 2003
Macromedia Flash technology garnered a shaky reputation at the height of dot-com mania, when it was often associated with Web site splash pages that effectively barred users from accessing a site's useful content. But things have changed. How did Flash transcend its less-than-auspicious beginnings to become an appealing and useful technology?
AOL Posts $1B Profit But Warns on Net Division
July 23, 2003
Offering a reminder of just how quickly things can change in the world of business, AOL Time Warner booked a $1 billion profit for the second quarter -- just six months after posting the largest-ever one-year loss by a U.S. firm.
E-Commerce Record Breakers
July 21, 2003
All hail King Harry. When Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was released, shipped out more than a million copies, making it the largest one-day distribution of a single item in e-commerce history. What are some other notable e-commerce milestones?
The Mushrooming Chinese Internet Market
July 19, 2003
When it comes to the Internet, China is no longer undiscovered country. Three Chinese portals are trouncing their U.S. rivals in the region, and investors are taking notice. However, although Sina Corp., and are beating U.S. rivals Yahoo, AOL Time Warner and Microsoft now, will a narrow revenue base hamstring them in the long run?
Microsoft - The New Antivirus Behemoth?
July 18, 2003
Microsoft's recent purchase of antivirus firm GeCAD Software has sparked speculation about the company's intentions in the security arena. Although some industry observers have scoffed at the notion of Microsoft, which has a reputation for producing vulnerable software, taking a stab at security, the company's customer reach could help it succeed.
Yahoo Goes for Overture in $1.6B Deal
July 14, 2003
In a move that could dramatically alter the booming search engine marketplace, Yahoo has announced plans to acquire Overture, the company credited with pioneering the pay-for-placement search business model, in a cash-and-stock deal worth more than $1.6 billion.
Yahoo Hits New High-Water Mark, Stock Sinks Anyway
July 10, 2003
Yahoo comfortably met Wall Street targets for the second quarter, posting its fifth straight profitable quarter and its best revenue mark ever. The company said it earned $50.8 million on $321.4 million in revenue in the quarter, compared with a profit of $21.4 million on $225.8 million in revenue a year ago.
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