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AOL, Google Broaden Search Pact
October 8, 2003
America Online has announced it will expand its relationship with Google and will use the search leader's technology as the foundation for enhancements to its own search offering. According to the agreement, AOL Search will feature both search results from Google's algorithmic engine and sponsored links from Google's booming paid-listing service.
Inside the Hidden World of Motherboard Manufacturing
October 8, 2003
As chips are inserted into all manner of everyday appliances, from refrigerators to phones, the semiconductor industry is not the only one that will heat up. The market for motherboards, which link all the components of a computing device, including processors, chipsets, memory and peripheral cards, is likely to follow suit. What lies ahead for this vital sector of the high-tech economy?
WiFi Economics: Into Thin Air?
October 7, 2003
Consumers finally are gaining more widespread access to WiFi high-speed wireless networks as vendors install this technology in airports, hotels and restaurants. However, vendors in this space face an economic challenge: The consumer market is notorious for its bargain-seeking streak. Will offering consumer WiFi service be a worthwhile endeavor for providers?
NetScreen Nabs Neoteris in $265M Deal
October 6, 2003
In a deal that could help reshape a growing segment of the network security space, NetScreen Technologies plans to buy SSL virtual private network firm Neoteris for $265 million in stock and cash.
Cardinal Sins of E-Business Web Design
October 3, 2003
When the Web was young, chaos ruled. Site designs often featured unwieldy graphics that brought visitors' browsers to a halt, and nonstandard layouts forced users to hunt for information. Since then, certain design conventions have been adopted, making the e-shopping experience easier. However, many designers are still committing egregious errors.
HP Launches $300M Consumer Ad Blitz
October 2, 2003
Seeking an advantage in its brutal battle with Dell for dominance in the consumer computing market, Hewlett-Packard has announced it will launch a $300 million worldwide ad campaign aimed at the average technology user. The push is designed to support HP's August release of nearly 150 different consumer products.
FTC Commissioner on the Future of E-Commerce
October 2, 2003
In mid-September, U.S. Federal Trade Commissioner Mozelle Thompson kicked off the Strategic Global Summit for E-Commerce by delivering the keynote address. In an interview after his speech, Thompson told the E-Commerce Times that he thinks the Internet is proving to be evolutionary rather than revolutionary in nature.
Microsoft Unleashes New XP Media Center
October 1, 2003
Hoping to light a fire under sales of home PCs, Microsoft has unveiled the newest version of its Windows XP Media Center, which is designed to make it easier to download media and burn CDs and DVDs. The company also has debuted several content partnerships designed to emphasize the range of entertainment uses of the personal computer.
Sun's Storm Warning Casts Cloud on Tech Sector
September 30, 2003
Sun Microsystems has surprised observers by warning it is mired in what it called a "particularly difficult quarter" that will result in a massive financial loss of as much as 10 U.S. cents per share, compared with analysts' previous estimates of 2 cents per share.
Apple's New Bid for Insane Greatness
September 30, 2003
Before the year is out, Apple plans to launch a Windows version of its well-received iTunes Music Store. Will the company be able to capitalize on its head start in the online music space, or will it repeat the scenario played out in the 1980s, in which it lost an early lead in the desktop computer OS market to Microsoft?
Behind the Scenes with Brocade
September 29, 2003
When Brocade was founded in 1995, it had lofty goals and a simple premise. The company believed storage should be networked, and it envisioned allowing CIOs to cut storage costs and increase efficiency. Like many other companies in recent years, Brocade has had bad times as well as good. Can it stay on top of its game?
@stake Uproots Geer's Career After Anti-Microsoft Report
September 26, 2003
The chief technology officer of @stake, an IT security company with close ties to Microsoft, was reportedly terminated by his company just after he released a report critical of the Redmond, Washington-based software vendor.
Amazon Sets Out on Search Quest
September 26, 2003
Apparently recognizing the same market opportunity as the major search players, Amazon.com has moved to establish a wholly owned subsidiary, called A9, that will work on using search to drive shoppers to Amazon's site.
Taxation and the Future of Online Commerce
September 26, 2003
For years, the U.S. Internet and e-commerce industries resisted any push for a national online sales tax on the grounds that it would harm e-tail sales growth. However, at least some retailers that finally have transitioned to full-scale tax collection say the move has had little or no impact on their top or bottom line. Will this onetime showstopper prove to be little more than a speed bump on the path to e-commerce prosperity?
Intel Invests $450M in Micron
September 25, 2003
Making a strategic investment designed to ensure its access to a steady supply of basic memory chips at stable prices, Intel has agreed to buy a 5 percent stake in Micron Technology for $450 million. The investment marks the second time Intel has made a major equity investment in Micron, though it sold off the first stake over time to raise cash.
The Enterprise Guide to Web Traffic Spikes
September 24, 2003
Unanticipated Web site traffic can be tough for any IT administrator to handle, and sometimes a major surge can highlight a company's online weak points in sharp relief. How can an enterprise prepare adequately for a Web traffic spike without overspending on capacity that ultimately goes unused?
Yahoo Launches Combined Search and Shopping Site
September 23, 2003
In a bid to beef up its online shopping offerings, Yahoo has announced it will roll out an integrated search and comparison-shopping product that combines algorithmic and paid-search techniques. The initiative, which is the first salvo in the all-important e-commerce holiday ramp-up, builds on the company's recent acquisition spree in the search space.
The Uphill Battle for 3G
September 23, 2003
Just a couple of years ago, a high-speed mobile networking technology called 3G was at the center of a bandwidth feeding frenzy, with giant corporations shelling out billions of dollars for rights to wireless spectrum. To date, however, most of those grand investments have led nowhere fast. Will 3G rise from the ashes and prove to be a viable technology?
IBM, GE Team Up on Enterprise Security
September 19, 2003
IBM and GE Interlogix, a division of General Electric that designs, develops and manufactures physical security devices, such as digital video systems and access control boxes, have announced they are teaming up to provide integrated security solutions to their customers.
Time Warner Ditches AOL Name
September 19, 2003
Two and a half years after America Online scored a coup emblematic of the rise of the Internet by acquiring media giant Time Warner, the board of directors has voted to drop AOL from its name and stock-trading ticker symbol.
The Big Business of Specialty Computers
September 19, 2003
At first glance, the consumer PC market can seem quite polarized. At one end of the spectrum are big players like Dell and HP, and at the other are small companies that assemble standard components into generic "white boxes." However, it is the middle ground, ruled by specialty computer makers, that may be most worth watching.
Microsoft, IBM Join To Promote Web Services
September 18, 2003
Setting aside bitter competitive rivalries, executives at Microsoft and IBM have joined forces to showcase advances in standards that will allow widespread use of Web services to help companies interact with each other. The event marks a departure for the two tech giants, which have had a chilly relationship for nearly a decade.
Web Site Hackerproofing 101
September 18, 2003
In recent weeks, high-profile arrests of hackers and malware authors have trained a spotlight on the sometimes-shadowy underworld of computer crime. The Internet may seem like a more dangerous place than ever before, but by taking some basic steps, Web security administrators can greatly reduce their vulnerability.
Intel Previews Future Chip Technology
September 17, 2003
Intel has previewed its next wave of computer chip advancements, promising to bring server virtualization technology to the desktop and professing its readiness for the convergence of wireless and multimedia technologies. Much of the company's preview focused on home computer use as well.
Web Developers' Dilemma: Text vs. GUI
September 17, 2003
Web developers differ in their approach to site creation and maintenance, and Web development programs have evolved to reflect this dichotomy: Some offer graphical user interfaces, while others are geared toward users who prefer hand-coding HTML. Which tools are best? The answer may depend on the state of an industry that is constantly in flux.
Sun Revamps Orion, Unveils New Pricing
September 16, 2003
In a bid to light a fire under its software offerings, Sun Microsystems has unveiled new names, configurations and pricing for its enterprise-level offerings. As part of the effort, the company said it will rename Project Orion, which aims to revamp the way enterprises license software, as the Java Enterprise System.
Microsoft Takes Mobile Phone Plunge with Motorola
September 15, 2003
Microsoft has announced it will work with Motorola to sell a Windows-loaded cell phone geared toward on-the-go workers. Microsoft vice president Pieter Knook called the deal "a tremendous milestone" for Windows Mobile, which has been more or less idling at the starting gate for more than a year.
Oracle Meets Targets, But Weak Sales Spark Concern
September 12, 2003
Oracle boosted earnings in its first quarter, with net income rising 28 percent to $440 million, but it did so largely as a result of internal cost controls put in place during 2002. Revenues in the latest quarter barely increased, up just 2 percent to $2.07 billion, while new license sales actually fell.
The Evolution of IBM's WebSphere
September 10, 2003
When it comes to e-commerce software, IBM's WebSphere still reigns supreme -- but competitive pressure has prompted major changes to the product line. For example, Big Blue has begun to target the mid-market by selling a scaled-down version of WebSphere with a lower price tag. What is IBM's big-picture plan for this much-vaunted software?
PeopleSoft Plans 900 Layoffs After J.D. Edwards Buy
September 5, 2003
PeopleSoft has laid out plans to integrate newly acquired J.D. Edwards, saying it will cut about 900 workers and consolidate offices. PeopleSoft CFO Kevin Parker said the moves will save the company as much as $207 million per year going forward. The company also raised its financial outlook for the rest of the year and 2004.
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